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  1. Thank you, that's good to know! I was a little worried when it said there were 104 errors
  2. Hi, I was running unRaid 5.0-rc12a and decided to upgrade to unRaid 6 and figured it would be a good time to test out my drives by preclearing them. I concurrently precleared 3 drives and two of them cleared without errors but the third (which was used as the parity drive in the unraid 5 setup) had some errors but I do not know what they mean. They show up in the preclear_start file as well as the preclear_finish for that drive. Does this mean that this drive is bad or soon will be or what do you recommend? I have attached the preclear reports if you would please take a look and offe
  3. I know this is an old topic but I think I am having a similar problem and I, too, suspect that it is due to long file names. Have you figured this out?
  4. After running new permissions again and rebooting the unraid server as well as my client pc several times, it seems to be working properly again so far. I don't know what exactly got it to work again but here are some of the things I did: Delete Windows credentials Disconnect and remap network drives Run New Permissions utility Reboot unraid server Reboot client machine However, when I run the "find /mnt/ -name \.DS_Store -exec rm -rf {} \;" command, I am still getting the Transport endpoint not connected error and end up having to reboot the server. So I haven't found a way yet
  5. I've also run the new permissions utility, rebooted my system, and even disconnected and reconnected my mapped network drives and I am still getting the permissions error. I've also given it a few days but no dice...
  6. Stopping the array and rebooting does rectify the Transport endpoint error but it comes up again when I run the command to remove the irrelevant files. So should I rename this thread to be Solved though the real problem, whatever's causing this case, isn't solved? I've also noticed that I am getting permission issues when accessing through my Windows 7 machine but not when I do the same thing on my Mac... i.e. moving files, renaming files, etc. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks, Joe. I had a hard time trying to get the array to stop and then shut down... I tried stopping the array from the main unraid GUI but that wasn't working. Then tried other stuff with the command line. And finally got it to shut down with the unmenu shutdown user script... Anyways, once I rebooted, I tried the command again and got the Transport endpoint is not connected error again... Is there a better way to get rid of all these Apple generated files? I have the DS_Store cleanup script installed but it doesn't seem to be running or working properly with the default sett
  8. I hope I didn't just delete everything... I ran the command to try to delete all the .DS_Store files and now I cannot access my shares... it looks like the files are there under /mnt/disk1/ and /mnt/disk2/ but when I try to cd to /mnt/user, I get Also, when I click on the folder icon in the unraid Shares browser, I get this message: What did I do wrong? And more importantly, how do I fix this? Please help me fix my mess! Thanks!
  9. I was looking for an AirVideo alternative, too, as I have an Android Honeycomb tablet and miss using AirVideo like I did on the iPad. I found Emit and looked for an unRaid package and thus this thread... Hope someone can help get a package together for unmenu minidlna is good for accessing the unraid server but doesn't transcode videos and it also isn't working properly for me for some reason.
  10. Perfect! Thanks, Joe! You're the best!
  11. localhost does not work. The link shows up as localhost:9091/transmission/web which can't be found. Strangely, however, if I use ${localhost}, the link shows up as http://tower:8080/:9091/transmission/web Pretty close! Is there another constant I could use that would strip the ":8080/"?
  12. PACKAGE_INSTALLATION installpkg "${PACKAGE_DIRECTORY}"/transmission-unraid-0.0.2-i386-bubbaQ.tgz When the above command gets executed, it unpacks transctl to /boot/custom/transmission I just move the unpacked files in /boot/custom/transmission to /mnt/disk2/.custom or wherever you want transmission to install then chown the /mnt/disk2/.custom/transmission directory
  13. Also an update to changing the permissions and running as nobody, it seems to have worked... I downloaded some files and didn't have to chown the files Thanks, BRiT and prostuff1. I'm sure it's possible to just use the vINSTALL_LOCATION variable to install everything but don't want to mess with what's currently working for me right now LOL. I'm happy that there are now less writes to the flash drive since the original script does a lot on the /boot/ drive.
  14. I'm just adding a link to the Stop scripts of Transmission, SickBeard, CouchPotato, and SABnzbd so I can just click and go to manage them from the User Scripts page. It's secondary purpose is so I can see very quickly whether they are running or not (since the Start script does not have the link). The ${MyHost-Tower} does default to Tower so there is no point to using ${MyHost-Tower} since MyHost is not defined. I can totally just use href="http://Tower:9091" but for others who don't use the defaults, it wouldn't work for them, especially if they aren't using "Tower" as the host name. Tha
  15. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I'm trying to add a link to the Transmission client page in the Stop Transmission script using the MyHost variable (unless there is a better variable to use): PACKAGE_INSTALLATION echo "#define USER_SCRIPT_DESCR This will stop the <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"http://${MyHost}{vRPC_PORT}/transmission/web\">Transmission daemon</a>" >> "${SCRIPT_DIRECTORY}"/42-unmenu_user_script_stop_transmission The variable MyHost is used near the top of the transmission-unmenu-package.conf file to also link to the Transm