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    New build

    Don't use an ITX board in that case when you can use a Micro ATX. I'm glad you know your budget is going to be large, because you need to spend most of your budget on hard drives to store something in the neighborhood of 80TBs of space. That is large.
  2. Well, I tried that after trying every other fix I could Google. Still can't see the server. Sigh
  3. Everything was fine until my grandson, (2 years old), started clicking everything in sight and now I can't see my Unraid server in Win Explorer. I don't think he broke anything because I use this computer to run Kodi and all of that is fine. I just can't see the server and the files/folders in Windows. Maybe I have a brain cramp but I don't know what to do. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  4. I used this Lian Li case, love it. >>> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112524 Here is the build list if you want to see>>> https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Qtrmeg/saved/dYJFf7
  5. pcpartpicker.com gives you the price per GB when you search for storage. That'll probably work for you.
  6. Looks good but why did you go with 8GB 1333 memory? I don't know why people got onto transcoding since you just want to stream to PCs, this computer will be fine for what you want. Instead of streaming with VLC try installing Kodi on one of your PCs, you'll like it.
  7. The onboard graphics works fine for the server, I was talking about passing the graphics & sound thru to a VM.
  8. I have had zero issues with the Q25 case running too hot. If you use an ATX power supply and stuff the little remaining space with wires & cables I can see why you would have a problem, but it's been advised not to use an ATX PS since page #1 of this thread. I can't remember anyone talking about fan efficiency with regard to hot climates but most people want case fans to be efficient & quiet. You probably want yours to blow your hair back. As for the Q25 being small, yes it is is VERY SMALL! It is 20.4 liters, which is slightly over the 20 liter limit that most people agree is the limit for small form factor. You can't just buy random parts and whine to me when it doesn't work out for you, especially when you are the first person to not like a Q25 build. Was that too harsh? Because the case you recommended is twice the size of the Q25 at over 40 liters.
  9. Qtrmeg, Did you build this unit? If, so are you happy with it? I am looking at building a replacement server with the same parts, but with the PC-M25 case. Thanks, srengr. I built it a couple weeks ago and used the M25 case, that link is updated with the correct parts I used. I like it very much but there are a couple things you might want to change. I used a Bronze non-modular power supply that could be improved on. I actually didn't want a modular unit because I can get better wire management & airflow, but I would absolutely use a SFF PS regardless of what brand/model you decide on. The PS is right on top of the motherboard in both of these cases and you really want as much space between as you can get. I also had a hard time deciding on either the Asrock MB or the Supermicro X11SSM-F. I gave up IPMI for onboard sound & better display options. Ironically onboard sound & graphics is pretty much not functional with Skylark but who knows what will happen in the future.
  10. Both of those have a M2 slot you can use at the expense of a Sata port, and only have 3 PCIe slots. Assuming you plan to use a mATX case a couple other boards you can look at with 4 PCIe slots are >>> SUPERMICRO MBD-X11SSM-F-O ASRock C236M WS The Supermicro boards support IPMI, but only support VGA display & have no on board sound, (I don't know how much value those last items have anymore).
  11. Oh no, I'm much more lost than that. I think my problem "nothing worked until I used SSH" is my major malfunction. I was firing out commands without setting up the servers because I thought that was just something I could do later when I wanted to get more serious about keeping the servers in sync. I just wanted to copy tower/tv shows to unraid/tv shows, not connect to a server in another country with an automatic backup plan. I now know that I can but I just thought copying would be simpler than it has been. The hardware is all checking out pretty well but it seems we have an defective operator here. I don't even know what I want to do right now. I guess I will set up Rsync so I can do what I want somehow.
  12. I am having an awful time trying to figure out how to rsync my data to the new server, both servers on the same Lan. Old Server is Tower, root, password running ver 5.0 - New Server is Unraid, root, different password running ver 6.1.9. Old server has 5 data drives and new server has 3. I set up the same folders/shares on the new server with the disks I want them to use, and I have copied a couple of the smaller ones already with Windows. I'm pretty certain I want to copy shares rather than copy disks, mainly because it is slightly complicated to copy 5 disks onto 3 of different sizes. One problem is one of the folders is "TV Shows" and doesn't Rsync not work if there is a space in the name? Another problem with moving shares is one of the shares is larger than my new drives, and I read that Rsync writes all the directories first so it will think it has run out of room and stop when the first disk is filled up. The biggest problem is I couldn't get Rsync to do anything until I Telnet'd in with SSH, and then found out ver 5 didn't have that. That's all set now but for what I want to do isn't it better not to use SSH? If someone can help me with the commands step by step to get started I'd appreciate it.
  13. Maybe this Silverstone HTPC Case? You can try narrowing your search to HTPC or Desktop cases,
  14. Why? 4 of my normal use VM's don't have a graphics card, they are all accessed by RDP or VNC. Now, if you want a physical monitor connected to the server to display said VM, then yes, you need a graphics card and passthrough. The OP said headless, no monitor, so no video card needed. So what is exactly the problem with what I said? I don't think you need a graphic card to create a VM. All of my VMs were created without graphics cards. Maybe that is the problem with what you said? We are sort of changing the OP's question but I am all ears. I don't know what type of VM you are running but my thought was how great it would be to have a man cave server run a VM or two to run a Windows machine and a Kodi client. I thought it is necessary to have enough slots to add 2 graphics cards to make that work.