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  1. Did that already. ? Unraid didn't want to use eth1 as eth0, it was a real struggle. Setting eth1 as eth0 AND deaktivate the onboard NIC brought success. Thanks! Gery
  2. Got it! Changed it successfully... first copy 54MB to PC. I think unraid choose the wrong driver for my onboard "NIC"! And this is because it also failed to recognize the right motherboard after updating to unraid 6! Thanks for all your help! Best regards, Gery
  3. On C-Net it says Marvell Yukon 88E8056 / Yukon 88E8001. But you are right, i'll try the intel card again.
  4. Asus P5KPL-CM is not my Board!!! Maybe this is the reason? I have Asus P5QL-E, and not a Qualcom Network Chip! So wrong drivers imho!?
  5. I've already tried a direct connection between unraid and pc, no change. I'll repost my diagnostics later. Thanks so far!
  6. Ok! But no, my drivers on Win10 Machine are up to date. And the same happens to my Media Player when playing some file in Kodi. My Server is just too slow to deliver the data at time! I had it runnig for many years now with just little problems here and there. As i said, it happened aftwr updateing to unraid 6 i think. On some limetech page i've read it's absolutely necessary to have a 64bit CPU, don't know if my celeron is 64bit? When i get home i'll start a copy process and repost my diagnostics!
  7. How can i update my drivers when using unraid? The only thing i could do is try updating my bios. (And i already have the newest is from 2009) I never had this problems before, so it must be related to unraid 6. Do i have to complete a transfere to see any stats. in the diagnostics?
  8. I canceled the transfere because it took too long, than created the diagnostics. Does that mean i have to do a full copy first? My CPU is at around 20% at max, so it's sleeping almost all the time. Nothing is stressing my CPU. But what do you mean by qualcom port? I use the onboard NIC, which is Realtek i think, eth1 must be an external pci-e card (Intel) which i don't use.
  9. Hi, i think since i have updatet to unraid 6 copying performance from unraid server to pc or generally reading from my unraid server is VERY slow. First i noticed when watching a video from my server, kodi is always buffering. When copying a file (doesn't matter if large or not) to my pc it shows 2,5MB to a max. of 4MB transfer speed with "terra copy"! I thought it must have been the problem with SMB shares and unraid 6 so i already added "max protocol = SMB2_02" to the smb config. Please find my diagnostics attached. Thanks in advance, Gery nas-diagnos
  10. I have the same issue! And no answer at all! But i had this since i.d.k. maybe unraid 4, and no solution at all. Sometimes when copying files the server just became unresponsive, loses the network name and so on. After a couple of time it returns to normal and i can copy again. It's just so frustrating! I always hope that an update could solve the problem but slowly i think this is related to my hardware setup. (Old Celeron, 4GB RAM, Onboard NIC, tried another 100% compatible PCI network card -> same behavior)
  11. THANKS! That was the problem. No defined DNS. Best regards, Gery
  12. Hi, i try to install plugins over the webgui plugin page. Doesn't matter what plugin url i enter, i always get this: plugin: installing: plugin: downloading plugin: downloading: ... done Warning: simplexml_load_file(): /tmp/plugins/powerdown-x86_64.plg:1: parser error : Document is empty in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.plugin.manager/scripts/plugin on line 193 Warning: s
  13. Hooray! Thanks to everyone. It was my fault, the correct split level for my file structure was 2, i set it to 1 and unraid tried to copy to disk 1, where is not enough disk space left. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! Best regards from vienna, Gery
  14. Thanks but Local Master is already set to "yes". But any help or advice is appreciated!!! The only thing i can think of is that unraid tries to copy to disk1, and there is not enough space left. When i leave the "included disks" field empty, unraid should use all disks, right? Another question is, what will happen to my Video files which are already on disk1 when i set "excluded disks" disk1??? Best regards, Gery
  15. So parity check is done and there where no errors. See my syslog attached! Best regards, Gery syslog.txt