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  1. Here is an update. I ran memtest. The next day, I opened the unraid gui. The server had rebooted. The flash drive was corrupt so I ran the repair utility and restarted the server. So far it has been up and running without a glitch so I will tag this as solved. Thanks to Frank1940 for the help.
  2. No I am not. Will do as instructed + run a memtest again for 12 hours to see if anything pops up, that is if I can boot from flash. Will report back when done
  3. I can't even boot in the server since it does not detect my flash drive. I posted a diagnostic report that I took when I first noticed I was having this problem on Sept 28/19. At the time, I had not upgraded to the latest version and was still with 6.6.3. Hope this helps. PS. I had to Zip the report as I could not attach it otherwise because it contains more than 25 files!! No pets and sever is in a large room by itself and I am the only one that has acces. tower-diagnostics-20190928-0844.zip
  4. At the time, I did troubleshoot psu/ups, and changed MB and cpu+ memory. The only thing left unchanged where the disks and psu. And yes, I did mean that when I opened my servers GUI in a browser, the array was offline. I restarted it yesterday and, from the log this morning, it was up for about an hour, maybe less. I included yesterday's syslog. I can't even restart the server because it can't find the flash drive. Maybe the log will show something, at least I hopeSyslog.
  5. Hi! I am having an issue with my array. A few months back, I had overheating issues as mentioned in this thread: Everything was working for a while but then, I noticed that although my server was up and running, my array was not. This would happen every 24 to 48 hours apart after I restarted the array. I managed to install a plugin that would capture my syslog to see what is happening. Now, I need your help to decode what is going on. I did install the latest Unraid version thinking this would help but, it did not. The server has been stopped since October 9, and I have not had time to address the problem until now. I am attaching my latest syslog. syslog.zip
  6. I know it's late but I wanted to give an update of what I did and now the system is working like a champ. First, I dismantled part of the server. 2 of the 4 fans that are keeping the hard drives cool were shot. No wonder I was getting alerts, So I replaced them and added another 120 mm fan to remove hot air as suggested. The system was still unstable so, I took my main pc apart and swapped motherboard, cpu and ram and was left with what I believe to be a corrupted flash drive. So I took a backup of the previous Unraid os and copied everything on the new flash drive. I applied the new key from Lime tech and rebooted. I had to rebuild my hd #2 again as it seems that the previous one was not left in memory. Now everything is working perfectly and I even managed to put the components taken out of the server and install them on this box. So special thanks to Frank1940 for his help, So now, how do I tag this as solved?
  7. I finally got the rebuild done in safe mode and the server has been on for over 13 hours. I will shut it down and take everything apart to really clean all the components. I will inspect the motherboard, try to stress test my psu to see if that could be the problem and replace whatever components might be defective. This server has been good to me over the years and although it only has 12 TB of movie and music files, I would hate to lose it all. I am thinking of taking apart my main pc, installing the I5 cpu and motherboard along with the 16 GB of ram in the server and running a VM as my main pc. Will have to watch more of SpaceInvader One videos on youtube to get that setup. Thanks for all the help. Don
  8. It seems I posted my reply before yours came in but, it is duly noted. Thank you. BTW the drives or an average of 29 C with the fan blowing on them.
  9. It was to good to be true. The system rebooted after 80% of sync was done. I have to start all over again (roughly 12 hrs). I booted in safe mode, no plugins or gui. I tried running the command as explained in the other thread but it kept saying no such file or directory and tail has no files. So after booting in safe mode, I cd to /var/log and am running syslog from there. I am attempting to rebuild again and will see what happens. Maybe the overheating damaged my motherboard, cpu or disks.
  10. Right now, I have 4- 80 mm fans in front of the hard drives, 2 in the back, one on top plus cpu and psu fans. I will verify flow of all fans so , basically the front ones should blow in the case and over the HD's while the rear ones and top pull the air out. I will add more if needed since I already have a bunch of these fans. Don
  11. Hi everyone. I have been running my unraid box for quite some years now but, recently noticed a problem. The server would constantly reboot every 2-3 minutes. One of my disks is not recognized anymore. So I opened up the server, cleaned everything, made sure all sata cables were plugged in properly and rebooted. Same thing. So again, I opened my box, checked my Seasonic 750 watt psu under load and everything checks out. I plugged in one of those post code debug cards and everything checks out. I installed a Linux OS on a thumb drive so I could stress my pc with the stress command. Even with the thumb drive, the server would reboot 2 to 3 times before stabilizing. I stress tested the cpu, io, and what not for a few hours and all good. I started memtest and let it run for 24 hours and not one single error. I thought maybe the unraid thumb drive was corrupt but, it rebooted when I tried it with another OS. I am in the process of rebuilding my #2 disk after it was recognized and, I hope I did not do anything wrong because sync shows a total size of 4 TB, which is the size of my disk and not the array. Phew, I am running out of wind. Anyway, I downloaded the diagnostic for yesterday and the one today while rebuilding. I don't know how to post them or if they are even needed. Oh BTW, all my dockers are gone and I don't know why. I don't have another psu to swap, in case someone suggests it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Don PS- I included the latest diagnostic. I hope this is the way to do it. tower-diagnostics-20190805-0321.zip
  12. Thanks's jonathanm. I installed Sickrage so that should take care of it. Will definately watch gridrunner's video. Don