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  1. I think the xml files that are associated with the VMs are trashed. They are nothing but zeros.
  2. Here are the diags. tower-diagnostics-20200306-0629.zip
  3. The system recently took a hard power down and upon reboot all of the VM instances are gone from the GUI. They were all working before and they are all still on the system. How can I get them imported back into UNRAID? Here are the VMs: Here's the error that I see:
  4. I think you just solved the mystery I had in my head with this one quote "There isn't a valid file system on the parity drive".
  5. I'm looking to build out an Unraid Array. I have a few simple questions. I know that the parity drive should be the largest drive. Does this place a cap on the drive size in the array once it is setup? So if I build an array today with 3 - 3TB drives (one as parity and two as regular disks) and buy a 4TB at a later date, that 4TB must be setup as a parity, correct? I'm a little confused as to how redundancy can happen with a large array that isn't striped with a single tiny parity disk. For instance if I had 10 - 3TB drives each with their own filesystem, how could I rebuild a f