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  1. a little more info: Im getting an 0x80070035 error when trying to path \\MEDIASVR (name of unraid server) or \\(the IP). I can web into it just fine, I see everything. Just cant access anything through windows
  2. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me. I tried to upgrade to beta 14 and now I can no longer access the unraid box from Windows by UNC path whether its the shares or the flash drives. I get a "Windows cannot access \\MEDIASVR" popup now. I followed all the instructions in the wiki including the new permissions. I always had public access set so I should at least get that right? On the server I see stuff like "chown: invalid user: "nobody users" and "Unknown username netdev, root, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Removed post since I found the correct forum. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I dont want to stop the pre-clearing but I'll shut them down once it finishes.
  5. Raj, Im trying to figure out how to cool this case. It already comes with an 80mm fan on the back and has spots for an 80mm (over the CPU) and a 120mm below it near the bottom of the side of the case. Should I install a 120mm for intake and have (2) 80mm for out flow? Im pre-clearing my 3 Seagates now and its showing temps of 47C, 47C, and 51C.
  6. Nevermind, I didnt have UNRAID set as the volume label on the flash drive so the didnt mount. I just have to read
  7. Followed everything in the wiki. Went to run ifconfig eth0 and I dont get any kind of ip info. I see a whole bunch of other stuff like Link encap: Ethernet, Broadcast Multicast, etc etc but no IP information. Any ideas where I should look first? Im using the Zotac mobo recommended in the mini-box build and I do have a link light on the back of the PC. Oh and I am running DHCP on my Linksys router. Thanks.
  8. Just flashed my drives to C35. Had to force flash them but everything was painless.
  9. I was right there at 4pm EST and got my 3 Seagate along with the Budget Box parts. Hopefully I'll have my Unraid server up by next week
  10. Yes. It will. (if all the other disks are 7200 RPM.) Parity checks will not be affected much, but writes to the array are potentially 1/3 slower. Im planning to use these for both parity and storage. Will I be ok or do I need a faster drive for parity?
  11. Waiting for newegg. I rather not pay sales tax
  12. It looks like Gigabyte updated the case. Its black and its $3 cheaper!
  13. According to Fatwallet is going to be the Seagate. Hmmm....I think Im going to get it as well.
  14. From what Im reading the Samsung F4's arent good for Unraid.