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  1. Our webshop is now officially open. Check it out at http://terastore.fi/ For the moment it's all in Finnish and for Finnish customers but we are working on an English version for EU customers. We do provide custom quotes for delivery to other EU countries so if you live outside Finland and are interested in our products, drop us a line at info@terastore.fi. We will then provide details for the product in question with price including shipping costs. We fully understand that using Finnish to encrypt the site contents narrows down the potential visitors but if you have any feedback you can post it in this forum or send an email to us. We are offering a free 60GB SSD-drive to all TeraStore mediaserver buyers as an opening campaign
  2. TeraStore will be opening it's web shop in December. We will first open the Finnish site which will enable Finnish customers to directly purchase any of our products. Soon will follow the English site for the rest of the EU customers. EU customers can also directly contact us before the official EU site is opened. In addition to standard unRAID storage servers we will be also providing Plex based media servers and media players. All products are delivered as turn-key solutions with appropriate warranty. As a sneak peak to our product catalog here are a few examples: TSS-730 storage server TSS-730 is our entry level storage server built in the Lian Li PC-Q25B silver case. Five hot-swap hard drive slots in a hard drive cage and two additional in bottom drive tray. TSS-730 is equipped with Asus H87i-Plus motherboard, Intel Pentium G2320 processor and SilverStone 450W SFX modular power supply. TSS-2030 storage server TSS-2030 storage server is our second largest in drive capacity with the 20 SATA-III 6Gbps hot swap drive trays. It is built in to the X-Case RM420 Pro case which in addition to the hot swap trays includes three very high quality hot swap 120mm fans which are also temp controlled. TSS-2030 is equipped with a Asus H87M-Plus motherboard, Intel Pentium G2320 processor and Corsair TX850M power supply. TMS-760 Silent media Server TMS-760 Silent is also based on the Lian Li PC-Q25B silver case and it includes all the features from the TSS-730 storage server with few additions. Plex Media Server is installed on a SSD cache drive and transcoding capability is ensured by upgrading the Haswell CPU to a i5-4670T model providing twice as much processing power compared to the G2320. We have also replaced all the case and CPU fans with high quality Noctua fans to provide near silent operation.