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  1. It seems like the file servers for linuxsserver.io are down atm. Fair assumption? I'm getting cloudflare error page I think.
  2. No, the TBS card doesn't work on OpenELEC. I think some would, but not my model.
  3. I think I need to do more testing. I've installed the OpenELEC build and it recognises my USB tuner but I'm not getting any TV reception. I might move my media server and test if I can get any reception in another room. Then I can look at getting the driver for the TBS card working in the same build as the August usb tuner.
  4. Thanks for developing this version, setting up with TBS 6922 was seamless even for a complete satellite newbie. I've since added an August dvb-t205 to my server with the hopes of using dvb-s2 and dvb-t in the same tvheadend instance. Is this possible given the closed source TBS drivers and the necessary modifications to kernel?