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  1. WD seems to be surprisingly nice this month. I sent in an 640GB WD Blue and got back an 1TB Black... very nice, thank you!
  2. Just saw this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856107081&Tpk=N82E16856107081 only $199!
  3. Sure the problem is solved? The last statement I've read was: "Turn off Remove Differential Compression - didn't help" I noticed some very strange behaviour of Win7 in some other context. I've installed mySQL server on a Win7 machine, and had awful slow access on the databases. After tweaking some TCP settings, I got better results, but still way slower than XP machines. Proble is still unsolved, the network maxes out at 30% while reaching 100% when accessing another XP machine. Switching between 100MBit and 1GBit changes nothing. I suppose the TCP/IP networking is somehow broken, but it's a factory new system... After all those problems with Vista one should think M$ is taking those problems serious. But Win7 seems to be as stupid as Vista in most areas.
  4. Hi, my EADS took about 26 hours. Seems they got a little bit quicker, as they took about 30 minutes longer a few months ago. And they seem to have better quality - no DOAs this time.
  5. Same here. Got two EARS yesterday, precleared and already in use. Only difference to the existing ones is another change in the serial number, which is now WD20EARS-07 instead of WD20EARS-00 ... same firmware though...
  6. Hi, didn't find any posting regarding the new WD20EARX with SATA 6 Gb/s interface, so I'll post that here: Just got the information, that Western Digital upgraded the WD20EARS with an 6 Gb/s interface, and calls this drive WD20EARX. I've no information about prices yet... UPDATE: The WD20EARS is 52.00 EUR at my wholesale dealer, the WD20EARX is 64.00 EUR right now (not including taxes, of course...). That's 12 EUR for SATA600...
  7. Of course it is statistically irrelevant, but it is definitely a shame for the producer. It is also true that almost 99% of all consumer harddisks is not as tough tested as the disks used in unRaid systems. Who else does preclearing? But since the troubles I've had with my EARS, I do a preclear cycle on all my disks prior to inserting them in my customers PCs. And yes, there have been some Hitachis and some Seagate drives too which had problems on preclearing. RMAed them and the replacement drives worked without troubles. I suppose Windows would never ever noticed problems with the other disks - until it would have been to late and data lost. Most defective drives I've had problems with died after short usage. I have a bunch of hard disk drives which are older than 10 years which are still working (slow, but reliable). And I have disks, which were in use for 2 weeks and died. I suppose those would never ever have passed the precelaring cycles. Just my humble opinion, though.
  8. I had 4 of 10 DOA - makes 40%... far away from 1% Sure, 10 is not a big count, but I'm quite fed up with WD20EARS drives, well knowing that the same $*?* could have happened with any other drive manufacturer. I'll need 5 drives in near future, and still don't have a hint which drive I'm going to use. Maybe a 5K3000, but I might as well stay with the EARS drives... wel'll see.
  9. Which LED color did you choose? The green one looks quite alien-like, would be my choice I have used Sharkoon fore some weeks now, my unRaid server is buildt upon an Rebel 12, my wife got an Rebel 9 Aluminium and some customers got some other Sharkoon cases. They are cheap, and they are OK in terms of quality. Sure, they are now show shiners, but for an everyday PC its more than OK... Herbert
  10. So, I'm a *little* bit odd... My cache drive is a 2TB drive - I use it until my server needs more space, then I'll add it to the array, that's why...
  11. Yes, there is a 3.5 mm jack, but there the remote infrared is plugged in. There is no "audio out" - it is the "xp" card, not the deluxe edition, which has those connectors... Does anybody know how those 4 internal pins are layouted? I could solder a cable from those 4 pins to the line in connector on the back of the board... ugly, but working ;-)
  12. Uh, it's an old card... This is it: http://cgi.ebay.de/LEADTEK-WinFast-TV2000-XP-TV-Karte-PCI-TOP-/260755899914?pt=DE_Technik_Computerzubeh%C3%B6r_Multimedia&hash=item3cb643460a It has an 4 pin audio connector, and it's usually connected to "audio in" on an older motherboard - which is missing on the new one...
  13. Hi there, I have a problem regarding sound on my new PC, and I hope someone more hardware-oriented can help me solve this one. I have a new motherboard (ASUS M4A89GTD PRO http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131633&cm_re=ASUS_M4A89GTD_PRO-_-13-131-633-_-Product) and a quite old but good TV card. The card works perfectly - regarding video, but not sound. It has an old-style 4-pin sound connector (the one old optical drives have) - but I haven't found any connector on the motherboard to plug that audio cable in. As this is my wifes PC and she likes to watch television in her office - can someone help me out of this misery of having "no-sound-telly"? I suppose I have to use some kind of adapter to plug this in the "Line-In" jack? Thanks for helping me out of this one!
  14. My dealer wrote in his shop description "512k blocks" - is this drive not a advanced drive?