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  1. Thank You very much for your help
  2. Can you explain fix neewbie at this
  3. sorry new at this I believe its publc I only use personally
  4. yes windows 10 security is admin this only happens with a single folder in my music folders
  5. I'm trying to delete a file wont let me I get this error under security tab users nobody(Tower\nobody) what does this mean and how to fix wont let me delete notin
  6. Amd sapphire r9380 card in VM Amd software updater doesn't recognize win10 becomes unstable and crash cant install driver asus z97 amdsapphire 380 16Gb mem I7 K Lime 6.1.9
  7. Got win10 fine every time i load amd video driver win10 screen blacks out crashes bluescreen. Asus z87 Intel I7 4790K 16G ram Amd Saphire r380 video card crucial 480 gb ssd
  8. just put static ip cant hit box how to restore default obtain auto ip Help