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  1. Well that's good news. I will dig some more to see if I can find if larger than 2TB is an issue with that board. Oh yah. I did do an update on the bios. It was a few versions old.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.1460261 Would this be OK for a budget build?
  3. Another question.... Can I install these 3TB drives into my Windows machine to test them out? Will that cause any issues when I later move them to the server?
  4. After some digging I found this. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=12036.0 A quote from Prostuff1 "DO NOT use this motherboard. IT has the Atheros Chipset for the onboard NIC which does not play well with unRAID." Looks like I will need to get another Mobo and I guesses a new processor. Was hoping to do this UnRaid cheaper than its turning out to be but you have to pay to play sometimes. Any suggestions guys on something decent that will not to to expensive?
  5. LOL Its funny but its not. It just seems strange to me that the 2TB drive works fine. Maybe my mobo has issues with the 3TB drives?
  6. The other new 3TB driuve showed up. I removed the questionable 3TB drive and installed the new one. Tried to run a preclear and get an error... BLKRRPART: Input/output error Sorry: Device /dev/sdb is not responding to an fdisk -1 /dev/sdb command. You might try power-cycling it to see if it will start responding. I powered down and swapped cables with the working 2TB and it gave me same error. Also in the unraid main page, in the disk drop down menu it is not showing the correct number of bytes. its showing 4044975. If I try and run a smart report, I get a error... Read SMART Data failed: scsi error aborted command
  7. Switches the wires like I said and precleared the 2TB drive. Results look good so the cable is good. So it seems the 3TB is bad again...
  8. Moved to cables from the working 2TB to the questionable 3TB and tried a preclear again. Failed at the end. Attached is the screen shot of Putty. Also the Smart report was not generated other than this message... Device Identity failed: Input/output error A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options.
  9. Long story short, I have a new 3TB drive. The other is on its way. I added the new drive and tried a preclear. LEft it go over night and saw an error in the morning before heading off to work. I didn't screen capture the error and cant remember exactly what it was. Some format error I believe. When I came home later today, the preclear restarted. and the error was not in the putty screen anymore. I added the new 3TB as the Parity drive. I get errors like before and get the red ball. Attached is the sys log and smart report from the 3TB drive. I am really getting frustrated with this. Can anyone please shed some light. Thanks Dave smart.txt syslog-2-28-14.txt
  10. Well i have two more drives coming. Hopefully this is the last and final time for these drives. Thanks again for all the help.
  11. Thoses are both new 3TB NAS Seagate's. Should i get a refund and switch brands? I already rma'd one of them. So three drives new ones and all three are bad. So with the preclear working on all drives, is it safe to say the motherboard is working correctly?
  12. Now I just stopped the array and the Parity drive and Disk 2 went to no device. Clicking on the drop down menu shows no drives. Shutting down the server and powering back on. Finds all drives again. but then fails when the parity tries to sync.
  13. All three isks all got precleared. I brought the server online and formatted drives. Disk 1 seems OK with no errors but disk 2 had 30,552 errors. If one of the cables were bad, wouldn't the preclear have failed? Attached is the sys log and also the reports from all three drives. Someone please help. Thanks, Dave logs.zip
  14. New PSU is in and the first drive is getting pre-cleared. Does it matter if the drives are assigned or not? In the Main GUI of the UnRaid it has Parity - No Device Disk 1 - No Device Disk 2 - Unassigned If I click on the drop down menu, it does see all drives.