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  1. oki, thanx for reply. so now u cant backup the passphrase as a file to keep safe somewhere, like i saw on spaceinvaders video?
  2. hi All guides i find is that after the array is started, u can delete the keyfile from ram with a buttom. i cant find this button in main. Or is it now default so it automaticly removes it? Thnx in advance
  3. Hi Can someone pls post a guide howto install and use ssl with the proftpd docker? Cant find a guide Thnx in advance
  4. Hi, now i'm testing unraid, Its up running with 3 drives. But i cant figure out how to use them as one single drive. I see disk 1 and disk2, And they are not pooled. Even in ftp and smb Any ideas
  5. The reason that i asked is because i have a highpoint 24 port raid card, but if u loose 2 drives in a raid 5 you loose everything. I have a license on flexraid that i have used long time on my windows computer. But i wanna find a good solution for my archive box. And i have read much positive about unraid, and i like the fact that you dont loose everything. So if i understand correct. That you can just rebuild after a 2 or 3 drives crash. I have backup of everything on usb drives so i'm not afraid to loose a drive or two, lol, Lets say u loose 2 drives, Make a new parity of the existing drives, then add new drives and copy data back from my usb drives. Did i understand correct. If so i think this is the safest way to go without loosing everything.
  6. What i ment is if u loose 2 drives. Can u insert new disks and Make new parity of the new array. So you loose just the data on the 2 broken drives. Or do u need to copy all data off. Then make a new array and copy the data back since you cant add a disk with data on
  7. I am looking at building a unraid server, my question is that if u loose lets say 2 drives in a 25 drive setup, do you need to copy the data from the other 23 drives before you can put them back into a array or can you just add 2 new drives and start a new array. I know you loose the data on those two drives who is lost, I know you can do this with flexraid, but cant find any info about this on unraid