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  1. Hi all, It's been a while for me. Ended up going with FreeNAS for a year, then Readynas for a year, and now Synology. I'm making the rounds. Anyway, I am looking for an OS for a backup server. I have my FreeNAS gear ready to go. The only thing is that I want an OS that has a power timer so that I can set it to turn on and off at a certain time. I just want it to run for a couple hours once a week for backup duties from the main nas. Does unRAID do this? If not, and if anyone has any other suggestions, I'd be grateful. The only other requirements would be that it has to supp
  2. But i have already confirmed that i can reach transfer speeds of 100MB/s going to and from the unraid server by transferring files via smb shares. Its gotta be a dune issue not an unraid one.
  3. Thanks for doing that. Yeah, 11MB/s should not be that hard to achieve. I'm kinda lost here. right, my Windows machine is an asus gigabyte ga890fxa-ud5, sempron cpu, 4GB ddr3 1333, with green HDDs. Streaming to the Dune with solid 11MB/s. The unRAID machine is an Asus p5q pro, intel core 2 duo, 4GB ddr2 1066. Three 160GB 7200 RPM hdds with 1 of them a parity. Streaming to the dune starts at 500kb/s then maxes out at 8MB/s after about 3 minutes climb. Not sure if it matters but I hava pretty stock install of unRAID. If there are some "assumed" tweaks that everyone does, I di
  4. With the stream I am getting from unraid (the 5-8MB/s), no, I cannot watch a movie without it stuttering. You can read about my trials and tribulations here if you want. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/39-networking-media-servers-content-streaming/1270503-new-dune-hd-max-hd-smart-anticipation-thread-q3-2010-a-384.html#post40364730
  5. haha. Yeah, I have an Antec fan with a 3-way speed switch on my fan. That screen-shot was posted in response to the "lo- loopback" thing that someone wanted to see. No, 8MB/s megabytes is not enough for some BD ISO rips. This causes a brief stutter once or twice during the movie. Once I changed the "fast smb" option in the dune to on, it went from 8 to 11MB/s and the stutter went away. It seems 3 MBs is all I needed. That was on my Windows pc which is what I am currently using to stream my ISOs. I have 4 HDDs in a windows span. I am demoing unRAID. So, the problem is this:
  6. A read test on the dune is reading a bd iso at 8MB/s. It should be reading at 11. 11 is the max for the dune smart since the nic on the dune is 100gb/s. I can transfer the same iso from my windows share and get 11 on the dune. Im out of options to try.
  7. Yes it says 10000 full duplex. Under that it says lo- loopback. There is a parity check going on. Would that effect the read speed? UPDATE: no, I just checked. The dune is getting full 11MB/s from my windows pc but only 8MB/s max from unraid. It takes a good 3 minutes to climb to 8MB too. Deja Vu. I think this is the same exact thing that happened when I tried unRAID 2 years ago. Is there some switch or button I am missing?
  8. The network is gigabit. the dune should be reading from unraid at 11MB/s max since dune is only 100mb/s.
  9. Ok maybe i should just forget about nfs shares then. Any ideas as to why my transfer rate is so slow? My current setup is a windows 7 machine with jbod spanned and im getting 11MB with that read a file on the dune.
  10. For those of you using dunes and nfs shares, what magic do i need to perform to get this share to connect? In the edit network folder option, what do i need to put in there? My machine is called tower, my local ip for this machine is, and i have a share called movies, inside that a folder called br and inside that an iso. I am also getting only 3.5MB/s read speeds on my unraid smb shares. Suppins going on. Also, is there anyway to make the dune forget a password for a private share? It seems i only had to enter it once and now it lets me in all the time. I dont w
  11. Thanks. Would be interested in learning more about how to make the whole tower go to sleep. I need to look into the last one.
  12. How new is this version I just installed? It seems sooooo much easier than the version I tried 2 years ago. I set up a test server with three 160GB drives in RAID5. I plan to feed ISOs to my Dune smart players. I love it so far. I'm getting about 30MB/s on write. I wonder what that would be with green drives. I set up 3 shares, movies, data, videos. In the movies folder I plan to have 4 more folders organizing my movies. 1. It's ok to have folder hierarchies within shares right? 2. It's ok that a share can be set as both NFS and SMB? I'd like to use NFS for the dune and SMB
  13. Interesting. For me, I run the program freefilesync every week or so. It does a one-way mirror sync by looking at the data on my array and then it edits the data on the enclosure to mirror the array. I guess in my case if I have an error, it's going to send it to the backup EDIT: I should note, I'm not using unRAID. I'm still in the research phase.