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  1. Well, I appreciate all the advice. I think I've narrowed it down to an Intel Core i5-8600K. Seems like the sweet spot in the lineup as far as performance goes. Pulls about 2x as many Passmarks as my existing i5-2500K. I forgot to mention I am also planning on porting over my Roon Core server to my server so the extra horsepower will be needed. Probably going to throw it on an Asus Prime Z370-A and replace my cache drive with a M.2 SSD as well. Since RAM is stupidly expensive right now I'm going to have to start with 16GB and hopefully throw some more in down the road. Anyone have experience with this particular Asus board? I'm assuming it should work fine?
  2. As far as how many streams to be transcoded? Well, the end points would be an Apple TV 4, a Roku 3, and a Chromecast. Stream quality would be at 1080p.
  3. I've been running my UnRAID server now for about 3 years. It's been running on the following hardware: Intel Core i5-2500K CPU 8GB DDR 3 ram Asus P8P67 Pro m/b Onboard 8-port SATA 18TB of array storage (no SSDs) and cache I use the server mainly as storage and a Plex server. I need to be able to run up to 3 streams reliably, and possibly be streaming at least one stream of 4K/UHD video. I'd also like to add in some additional SATA slots through an add-in card but don't want to spend much more than $100 for this card. I also run various other Docker containers (Sonaar, SABznbd, Radaar, Open-VPN). I will also be wanting to run at least 1 Windows VM at some point in the near future. Another thing I will want is to add an SSD or 2 for the cache drives. I am open to suggestions, and willing to take a good look at either AMD or Intel CPUs. My total budget would be about $700 for the CPU, MB, SSD(s), RAM, and SATA card (I will reuse case and PSU as they are more than capable). Is it even worth it to have 2 SSDs for the cache pool other than redundancy? I appreciate all of the suggestions!
  4. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with this one, as I have no real experience in setting up custom Docker images. I currently use an ISY 994 automation controller, and am wanting to use unRaid with a Docker image to run their Polyglot server. There is currently a Docker image that has been created (see forum link for more details) but I'm not sure how to set this up to run on unRaid. Are there any ISY users on this board running unRaid that have any input or experience with this??? http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/19807-polyglot-docker-image/ Thanks!!!
  5. MasterC

    (Support) Aptalca's docker templates

    If you updated from an older version, did you delete the mysql folder? Try reinstalling it with a different local config folder if it's easier I did not update from an older version - I did a fresh, clean install. I'm currently running on RC5 if that makes any difference.
  6. MasterC

    (Support) Aptalca's docker templates

    I've tried installing both the Zoneminder and Zoneminder-dev dockers, and they appear to install fine. The problem I am having, however, is that I am unable to login to the web interface. I've also checked the logs and all it says is "sleeping". Is there something simple I'm missing here?
  7. MasterC

    Removing drive from a cache pool....

    jonp, I went ahead and followed your instructions. Now I'm getting a message that my original cache drive is unmountable because it is bound to a btrfs pool. Did I miss something???
  8. I'm running the latest Unraid 6b15. I've added an SSD to my Unraid box, and then I proceeded to add the SSD as a cache drive and subsequently setup a BTRFS cache drive pool with my previously existing cache drive. My question is - how do I now safely remove the SSD from the cache pool without losing any information on my original cache drive???
  9. Problem solved! For some reason my BIOS setting had been changed. All seems to be working smoothly now. Thanks for the quick response jonp.
  10. I was sure it was configured, but I will hook the server up to a monitor and double check.....I'll report back if it works.
  11. I'm running the latest Unraid 6.0b15 and attempting to setup a Windows VM through the KVM interface built into Unraid, and when I configure all of my options and hit the "create" button, I am getting this error message (see attached image). Any ideas? Am I missing something really obvious here???
  12. MasterC

    Dynamix - Web GUI

    Look forward to it! Thanks for taking the time to address it!
  13. MasterC

    Dynamix - Web GUI

    To clarify - I'm running Unraid 6 B12 but I have had the same issues with 5.0.6 as well. I've posted a screenshot of the drives I'm running in the Unraid array.
  14. MasterC

    Dynamix - Web GUI

    I made a post about this same issue about a month back in multiple threads, and I know there was at least one or two more users having the same issues. Never seemed to pick up much attention - everyone told me just to clear my browser's cache, but this is clearly not the problem as it offers no solution to clear my browsers cache. Hopefully it is a simple issue to fix because it is rather annoying not having that page display properly.
  15. Still looking into this issue. We have made a number of changes to the code this week so far. There was already an updated webGui pushed to github on 12/1 so check for updates on the plugins page should show that and let you update to that version. We'll push more fixes soon. Keep in mind that when working on fixes, aesthetic things come second to major issues like system hangs and functional problems, so things like this may take a little longer, not because they are hard to fix, but because they don't stop you from making use of the system. i have installed the latest, still have the same issue, i understand and agree that cosmetics come second. FYI - I have installed the latest updates as well, still same issue to report.