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  1. Probably just a typo, but your /21 mask needs to be, not Did you reboot the server after the network.cfg change? Not sure a file edit applies your change without a network startup. Or try an ifconfig to set the IP and mask on the fly. Obviously, make sure your VPN has a route to the unRaid network. And although it probably cannot ping, does a ping of the unRaid host return the correct IP of the unRaid host (DNS)?
  2. One thought about testing without the router connected. If the PC uses DHCP for addressing and the router is the DHCP server you may not be able to talk to anything once your PC is plugged in. You might have to assign a static address to test like this. If it's not too hard to connect the PC into the switch in the basement it might be best to do so and leave everything else in place.
  3. I assume the router in use is a WiFi router? If so, try connecting your PC into the wall jack directly (where the WiFi router is connected. Might be a quick and easy way to test around the router device.
  4. I know that I have a friend who complained about similar speed with his gigabit network. Last week he finally replaced the switch and is now seeing gigabit speeds (100MB/sec. +). Drops are not uncommon in congested networks. But your counters are pretty high - especially if you've been restarting while troubleshooting this issue. Yes, if you connect directly to the switch you will remove the router and most of the cabling in your test. Good idea.
  5. Did you notice the receive errors and drops in your Ethernet stats? I think I would start with that issue. Local speed to your cache drive looks fine. Maybe you are having problems with the switch connecting unRAID and your Windows system? Bad NIC?
  6. And regarding your testing of two client PCs, this is another part of the trunking issue. The trunk decides on which physical port to use. The decision is based on an algorithm from the source and destination addresses. So, very likely both of your test PC's have landed on the same physical connection. You might be able to change an IP address to see if it changes the link usage behavior.
  7. To achieve a faster point-to-point connection you need a faster pipe. -> 10Gb Just keep in mind that you will need this connectivity all the way through the client to host chain. Otherwise, any slower links in between (including your switch's capabilities) could easily make your 10Gb investment a significant waste of hardware dollars.
  8. My configuration was pretty simple: unRaid host set to Bonding- yes. Mode to balance-rr (0) Network switch ports configured for Trunk - admin mode and static (I don't believe dynamic mode would negotiate) Link comes up bonded. Network switch shows one interface primarily in use. From what I read, your configuration sounds like it is working. 50% of a 2Gb link = 1Gb throughput. You will not exceed the speed of a member link (1Gb) between these hosts. Your unRAID network statistics are showing this, as well. Google 2Gb trunk throughput for more in
  9. I was able to get my unRAID host trunked (LACP round robin) but also gave it up. First of all, if you are expecting to see 2Gb speeds end-to-end, forget it. The LACP algorithm will decide which physical port to use based on MAC or IP addressing, and transmissions will pin to a single gigabit link and stay there. If you have multiple hosts connecting this might be advantageous (think more lanes on the highway instead of faster speed limit). From my experience in a single host to server connection you will not see an increase in throughput. In fact, my testing showed the file copy performan
  10. Fantastic tool!!! Thank you for your efforts, John. One thought came to mind when I was running this benchmark. I wonder if somehow the tool could add a function to identify drives on a particular controller and test the associated disks simultaneously to show the overall throughput of a given controller/bus? If the card and slot are not limiting factors one would expect the graph to show the exact same arc from outer to inner tracks - indicating that the drives were the only limiting factor. But just like in the tunables and parity checks you might find a different
  11. I guess I figured you were primarily just looking at unRAID storage. From my research the SuperMicro X10SRA-F MB is about as good as it gets for connecting a large storage.subsystem. I know there are some X99 enthusiasts out there also. But the SM boards are a better fit for servers, IMO. I only have a PCIe 2.0 slot available in my current system. I noticed when I move one of my SAS controllers into this slot the performance drops off noticeably. Good excuse to upgrade. I bought 16GB (2) of the MEM-DR480L-SL02-ER21 8GB DDR4-2400 ECC RAM from an Amazon seller. My needs don't
  12. Adrian, I just ordered the same motherboard with the E5-2620 v4 chip. Even tough the v3 clock speed is higher, Passmark scores the v4 (8-core) processor at about 14% faster than the v3 and it costs the same. I purchased ECC buffered memory from the SuperMicro approved list - Samsung DDR4-2400. With plenty of PCIe lanes, ports, and slots, your system should be a beast for unRAID expansion possibilities. Good luck on your build.
  13. Yes, I see this time stamp inconsistency happening now. Not sure how big a deal it will be for me though. Also, I noticed that the edited Mover config file gets re-written upon reboot. Is this just a temporary fix at this point?
  14. Also, I don't understand why this would only affect a single drive in this operation? I would find the Movies folder and the associated subfolder touched in disk1 when this was happening. My files are arranged like shown below. When the Mover ran I would see the Movies and the folder_1 or folder_2 folder time stamp change. Nothing was written in the folders. Movies |______ folder_1 |_______ movie 1 folder |_______ movie 2 folder |______ folder_2 |_______ movie 3 folder
  15. Yes, that seems to have resolved the Mover issue. Does this mean you were able to reproduce this, as well? I will kick things around and see if there is anything more to report. Thanks for your help.