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  1. Hi all, I was happily running my Unraid v 6.0 since 2015 when I had to change my motherboard. I buyed an ASRock J4105 and then I discovered it has only UEFI boot (no legacy mode) and my Unraid can't boot from USB 😞 I already checked my usb is Fat32 and executed make_bootable.bat, but I do not have any "EFI-" folder. I understand it is a feature from 6.4 Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks! Piero
  2. Hi all, after some delay, I bought and put together all the components. ASRock Mod CEL Q1900-ITX (82 Eur) Kingston SO-DIMM DDR3 4GB CL11 (34 Eur) Seasonic g360 (73 Eur) Sandisk cruzer fit 8 GB (7 Eur) ARCTIC F12 TC (3.5 Eur) 200 Eur total 2 WD red 4TB, 1 parity and 1 data (320 Eur) Waiting for it's case, here is the "naked" version: I installed Unraid 6 with the trial version. The first license step is the Basic for 6 drives, right? Nothing in between for very small build? Thanks!
  3. OK, time to buy! :-) Last check... Power supply: SILVERSTONE SFX ST30SF 300W or Seasonic g 360 ATX Will it work with only one module of ram? Kingston Technology ValueRAM 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM SR x16 Desktop Memory KVR13N9S6/2
  4. Hi, how is going with the build? I'm interested in buying a motherboard with the same CPU. Thanks!
  5. Hi thurl, yes indeed... I have backup for photos in another PC. Films are ripped from blu-ray, so not a big issue (ripping time apart...). Some time ago I would like to use 3 WD red 3T (2 data, 1 parity), but now their cost is raised a lot The idea for the case is to fine isolate the HDs to not propagate vibrations to it and to have big opens in the bottom with a big fan in the top-back. Thanks!
  6. Hi all! I would like to buil my first nas... Main porpouse is films/photo storage (XBMC the main client via 1Gb lan) with torrent plugin. Do you think this hardware is ok? Q1900-ITX (4 sata) Seasonic G-360 Kingston 2GB Ram, 1333MHz 4gb usb 3.0 memory for Unraid 2x WD Red 4TB (WD40EFRX) Self made case (something like this to fit a liveroom ) The idea is to not have a parity drive in the beginning, but to add it later... is this possible and not too difficult? Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!