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  1. Thanks for replying @ChatNoir but I fixed the issue - thought the server wasn't addressing USB ports at all, but believe it or not, a restart fixed it. Yes, I tried turning it off and on again 🙂 - sorry for the bother.
  2. Hi all, I am about to move from purpose built hardware to a second-hand Dell Poweredge T630 server. I've gotten UNRAID to boot from my USB stick no problem, but when trying to attach a SATA HDD via a USB dock to copy data from it to the new array (which contains all SAS drives) I can't get the Dell server to see the external USB drive as an Unassigned device. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the info. If I can't get the data back I will remember this for next time. It makes perfect sense and I'm kicking myself for not having done it this way in the first place.
  4. It was done from the unraid webgui and from the command line - couldn't see the files in either case. Didn't try the network share (samba).
  5. Hi folks, I've searched the forum and haven't found this specific problem. So here goes. Hope you can help. All was well with my array when a drive dropped out showing disabled. It turned out to be the usual culprit - crook SATA cable. Fixed it up, and got the disk showing again. I stopped the array, removed the redball disk. Started the array, stopped the array, added the disk back in. Started the array and data rebuild proceeded as per normal. However, when data rebuild was complete, the disk showed over 1 TB of data in use, but when I accessed the disk to view the files - there was nothing there. Filesystem is xfs - I tried xfs_repair - it looked like it did something, but still no data. Syslog is attached. You may see by the attached syslog that a data rebuild is currently in progress - this is because I repeated the procedure in the hope that the data rebuild would succeed a second time. Anybody got any ideas? xusia-syslog-20150830-1706.zip
  6. I have done a bit of study and worked it all out myself. Here is what I found out: 1. You cannot expose another host volume to a running container. They all have to be there in the command line on the original "docker run" command. 2. If you update say, Sickbeard inside the running container, then you can save the changes permanently using docker commit, but in order to guarantee that you never lose those changes, you then have to use "docker push" to push them up to your own repository. This involves creating an account on the docker hub, and then pushing the image changes to the hub under your own username into a new image after using docker commit to save the container changes. Then if you ever have to delete the container and recreate it, you refer to your new repository when using docker run, instead of "eschultz/docker-sickbeard" - the same will work if you update any of the other apps. I can post a more detailed set of instructions if anyone wants me to.
  7. Hi all, I've got docker running now using the excellent quick start guide on the forums. Here's what happened to me yesterday, followed by a couple of queries: I got sickbeard running, and it advised me that a newer version was available, so I updated it, restarted the container and was up to the newest version. Then I realised that I had to expose a couple more host directories to the container as volumes. I couldn't find a way of adding another volume without deleting and re-creating the container. Consequently once I re-created the container with the extra volumes I wanted, sickbeard was back to the version in Eric Schultz's image, and the sickbeard database wouldn't open because it had been upgraded to the latest version. So I deleted the sickbeard database files, and was able to restart sickbeard OK then. OK, on to the questions: 1. Can you expose an additional host volume to a container without deleting and recreating the container? 2. If I update sickbeard inside its container, can I use "docker commit" to commit the changes so sickbeard stays upgraded permanently? 3. If docker commit can be used, would I then have to launch a local copy of the upgraded container? 4. If I do the upgrades, will everything then fall apart if Eric releases any updates to his images? Thanks.
  8. My sincere apologies to the forum for wasting everybody's time. This was indeed a problem with my client. All working OK now.
  9. Windows 7 Ultimate - and you may be right - you've got me thinking it might be browser/Windows related now. I might try from another machine. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hi all. Since updating to V6 Beta 10a I have noted a frustrating issue with the WebGUI. I use the latest version of Google Chrome, and address my server by its IP rather than a DNS name ie (that's the static IP I have allocated to the server). The interface seems to be intermittently unavailable. When I first log in, I get asked for credentials. After entering the root creds, when I press the login button, the request for credentials reappears. Sometimes I have to press login up to five or ten times, but eventually get to the main menu. Then if I want to go to the Settings menu or any other menu, I often get a "not found" message. Repeated browser refresh eventually gets me into the page. If I leave the page open and come back to it say a half hour later, I hit refresh and get asked for credentials again (as if the session expired - which didn't seem to happen in previous versions). Have I got a defect here, or have I done something silly or missed setting a preference somewhere? syslog attached. Let me know if you need to know hardware specs. unRAID_syslog_29-10-2014.txt