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  1. I'm going to also try rolling back for my issue discussed here. Unless anyone else have seen a similar issue.
  2. My Deluge docker no longer recognizes what I input for Download/Upload speed. I can set the max download to 100kbps and it will still download at a full 10Mbps which is maxing out the rest of my network. Any idea of what is going on here? It seems like deluge is overriding my settings with Unlimited bandwidth.
  3. I thought it might have been, but both ports are forwarded properly and I use DuckDNS and it's reporting the proper IP
  4. I know it's not much to go off, basically I used to be able to login from my phones web browser and download the .ovpn file to use to make the auto login profile. It still does that, but never actually connects. I'm going to try on a different iOS device. Maybe it's something due to the version I'm running.
  5. This docker was working for me until a few days ago. I'm using the iOS OpenVPN Connect app and when I try to connect it just hangs and no logs on iOS are seen. Any suggestions?
  6. Ive run DDWRT in the past. I find ASUS-Wrt Merlin firmware to be more stable.
  7. Thats an interesting idea. It's an ASUS router. But I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to just reformat it back to factory settings and clear the NVRAM.
  8. 100% sure. I've been in contact with the security team of my ISP over the past few months.
  9. I'm not even sure where to start with my IoT devices. I currently have Philips Hue, 2 Nest thermostats, and 1 weemo outlet. They are all on static IP addresses. Not sure if I should reassign them or just "reset" them back to factory settings.
  10. I have called my ISP back two weeks in a row and they say no reports have come back with any potential threats, but I just received another email this morning for the same thing. I'm not sure if I should be look towards my unRaid or something else at this point.
  11. Any direction that I should look here? I did a tcpdump last night (2GB file!) I'm going to try and coordinate that with the time my sip provides me if there was any botnet activity. Hopefully to find an answer.
  12. Yes. Philips Hue and other things like that. Of course iPhone and iPads as well. I have a few docker images that have open ports, yes. I would never turn DMZ on though, haha. I'm attaching the diagnostics archive if you wouldn't mind. Thank you!
  13. Just received a letter from my ISP about one the computers on my home network being infected with a botnet (or flagged for connecting to a botnet host). I can't really think of how this would be possible on my unraid system, but I was looking for some advice on where to start looking just in case. I only have one other "desktop" computer in my house. It's an iMac. That system was scanned for malware, but I still want to make sure my unraid isn't doing anything weird. Maybe there are logs I can look at for clues. I have plenty of dockers installed, but all are from legitimate sources like Thanks for any help you can provide. I was told I can call my ISP security team in a week to see if any more activity was detected.
  14. Is there a best way or guide to set up passwordless ssh access to unraid from a Linux or Mac OS X machine? Obviously I need the settings to stay through a reboot of my unraid server.
  15. I still can't roll back to version 12. I get the following error: Error: layers from manifest don't match image configuration Running UnRaid 6.2