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  1. Thanks all for helping out with the reiserFS issue, new drives in good position and I'm good to go. As requested, diagnostics. HTH. FYI, I'll be formatting it this coming weekend to xfs. RESOLVED tower-diagnostics-20181022-1918.zip
  2. One would think but it didn't. Just shut the array down, altered the disk to ReiserFS, restarted it and the disk was seen. Check Parity in progress. Also of note is that I've run into that before and the force to ReiserFS solved it. Wouldn't my previous diagnostics give what's needed? I'm happy to help quality improve for the community but not excited about intentionally forcing the disk off the array by going backwards.
  3. Perfect, easy-peasy. I recall the Auto setting now that you mention it from back when I first setup the system years ago. Thanks again all for the help through this, now that I see how it goes it'll be way easier to upgrade the parity and a data drive next go-round. As usual, I'll mark SOLVED once things are settled tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, that was partially helpful. So I told the system to set a New Configuration and didn't save any slots. One of the drives was RieserFS (not xfs) but holds all my data. Now the array describes it as "unmountable." The only option it seems to give me is to format the drive which I most certainly do NOT want to do. How do I get the array to recognize the drive once the new parity is finished? To be clear, this one drive it says isn't mountable is the ONLY drive which has data I care about.
  5. Unraid 6.x. Drive config here, let me know if there's other config you're asking about. Note that the linked thread in the OP had a full troubleshoot dump attached IIRC. Data drives (2) 2TB drives, one with data the other empty (1) 6TB drives formatted to 2.2TB. (1) 500MB drive. Parity drive (1) 6TB drive formatted to 2.2 TB. Cache drive (1) 500MB SSD When I pull the SATA cable (connected to the motherboard) off the existing parity and plug it into the HBA it won't spin up the array. I'm kind of excited I might be missing something incredibly simple!
  6. RESOLVED Thanks to the advice from my having 2.2TB of my 6TB drives being seen I got an HBA (LSI SAS 9207-8i) installed and it sees 6TB on the drives now. Problem: Before the HBA I had one 6TB drive (2.2TB formatted) as parity and the other as a data drive. I want them recognized for the full 6TB. Do I just follow The Parity Swap Procedure? I've started down that route but run into "multiple drives incorrect error," I think. Before I give it another go I wanted to be sure this is the right approach. FWIW, my other three data drives are smaller than 2.2TB so I can't just move the parity to one of those. RESOLVED
  7. Yup, LSI 1068e SAS. Thanks again guys for the pointers, I've got a direction. SOLVED
  8. Thanks for that tip, I'll look into it and come back to mark this solved once I validate this is the cause. Appreciate the pointer!
  9. Tried to add two new, WD Red 6TB drives to my server, using one to replace the parity and then the second as a data drive. Steps I followed: Spin down array Shutdown Disconnect current parity cables Install (2) 6TB drives Reboot Spin down array Assign one of 6TB drives as parity Restart array Once it came up, it only registered 2.2TB drive as parity. The largest data disk prior to my steps was a 2TB drive. Since I didn't notice the parity was the wrong size I went through the process of clearing and formatting the old parity and the new data drives. Obviously the new data drive was formatted to 2.2TB as well, presumably because it can't be larger than the parity. Note that when I look at the two new 6TB drives, the Information section clearly shows they are 6TB drives so not sure why it did what it did. Attached Diagnostics, thanks for the advice in advance. tower-diagnostics-20181007-1635.zip
  10. I did a hard shutddown and rebooted. Once up, I followed your instructions and manually assigned riserfs. The disk was recognized and I can spin it up. In addition, guess I got that 50% lucky because I can see all my media files. Plex doesn't want to find them for some reason, but that is an entirely different matter which I will research on my own. Please close this as SOLVED. EDIT: Thanks a heap guys!!!! Pun intended
  11. Checked the server and from the web GUI, its just spinning. I'll wait a day and lacking any advice will find doc to force shutdown (likely via terminal), do reboot, see if I can change FS type and go from there.
  12. Hmmm, that may be a great hint. The Asus board has hardware RAID via NVIDIA chip and I wonder if its on with those two drives. I've told the server to spin down the array but it is taking a LONG time. I'll wait until morning and hope it finishes at some point. Then I'll try changing the FS type and report back. If the array's not spun down, advice? I'm familiar with *nix commands. Lastly, should I mess with the BIOS settings for the NVIDIA RAID or sort the FS type problem before messing with those settings? A little worried about too many variables. Thanks for the advice and analysis. Before getting to the last post I feared I had randomly selected the wrong disk for Parity. Suppose its still possible so I'll cross my fingers.
  13. Safely shutdown my 5.0 server (64-bit capable). Pulled USB drive from server, stored files on laptop. Copied 6.2 files to USB, made bootable. Plugged in USB drive and started up server. Noticed none of the drives were selected for Parity or Disk 1. Assigned them to those slots. Parity assigned, Disk 1 indicated Unmountable. Shutdown server and pulled USB drive to rebuild as above; discovered Upgrade sticky and included config files. Second time drives were assigned, parity looked ok but Drive 1 was Unmountable from boot. Posted on sticky, advised to pull reports (attached). Note: Cache drive looks fine too, mounted fine, Docker started up, CA installed, Plex installed/running and can be seen with client. Disk 1/Parity contain most of my movie library so it should be a healthy amount of data. tower-diagnostics-20160919-1918.zip
  14. I followed the upgrade instructions to go from my 5.0 to 6.2. I have one parity and one disk that are the same size plus the cache. The parity/data disks had most of my movie collection for Plex. When I got the server back up, having moved my configuration files as defined here onto the boot USB, UNRAID seems to recognize the Parity ("valid") but Disk 1 is showing as unmountable. My instinct is to format Drive 1 and hope that the parity drive is properly read from my 5.0 setup, thus rebuilding onto the fresh, clean Disk 1. Is that the advice? FWIW, Docker setup, Plex setup, etc all went fine and I'm really just lacking all my data on my disks.
  15. It was an older 256MB USB drive and seemed to work without issue. But your questions drove me to try out a larger drive (4GB) with a DOS MBR in FAT32 format. Tried it in the system with the 1805 BIOS (last published). It worked. So I reformatted and put on the unRAID image and now it ALL works. I can't fully explain why it didn't work when I originally tried it, but it didn't. The Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe does work with the FAT32 format and the 5.0.6 and I'm in good shape. Now on to learning all the rest. Thanks for the super-quick replies, trurl. Much appreciated.