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  1. Thanks for the work involved here guys. Am building a new server (V6) and have decided on 6TB Reds in it but my old server (V5) will become a backup server and I have (after reading this thread) decided to populate it with these drives. For the time being it will only have 2 (1 x parity and 1 x data) to backup critical stuff off my main server. Awesome work guys
  2. Thanks all, might try the KVR16LE11/8HB as I can get them from my usual supplier.
  3. OK, the supplier I was going to use has pulled the pin on supplying the mobo so have to look elsewhere. I want to use the same supplier for the mobo, cpu and RAM. The new supplier can supply them all except for the RAM so (if compatible) I was looking at their offering or this one Is either of these a good fit guys? Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks garycase :) It's nice to have the hardware double checked and to be able to order it with confidence you are doing the right thing. It is one of the great things about unraid is that you can upgrade as you go without having to backup everything, break and rebuild raids then restore data etc. My plan is to add another parity drive later as you suggest.
  5. OK, have been looking around and found some RAM that according to the Crucial site is compatible with the X10SL7-F motherboard Crucial 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 Unbuffered ECC 1.35V 1024Meg x 72 Might just get 2 of these to start with and see how the performance goes, can always grab a couple more later to top it up.
  6. Thanks garycase, exactly what I was hoping for (that someone would pick up my glaring mistake) Looks like I will be slowing down my build a bit until I can find some other RAM. Finance is the only thing keeping the build down but I have planned on a basic good quality build I can add to as money allows. I had wondered about the single data drive and I take it on board that performance will drop once I add more drives. Being primarily a media storage server that will hopefully not be an issue, reading more than writing. My current V5 box running on a Celeron and 1GB RAM hasn't let me down serving so far. Looking forward to building this beast and having the luxury of having 2 unraid boxes for extra security. I plan to keep the old box hidden in my garage and do weekly data backups of my important data.
  7. Hi guys I have a current V5 box that is running fine but want to relegate it to backup duties and build myself a V6 box for mainly NAS duties but also plex and playing around with VMs. It will be located in my lounge room so am trying to make it as quiet as possible. If it works out with the VM it may end up being the HTPC as well. Current items I have picked for the build are listed below. Being in Australia prices are fairly hefty but I want this to last a long time and also will want to add to it as I go. Supermicro X10SL7-F Xeon CPU E3-1241v3 Fractal Design Define R5 Mid Tower Case Titanium SeaSonic SS-660XPII 660W 80Plus Platinum PSU Version II Western Digital RED NAS WD60EFRX 6TB x 2 (1 x Parity and 1 x Data) More to be added later when finance allows and data grows. 4 x Dell 4GB.PC3-8500R-7-10-E1.ECC 1066 RAM (16GB) The only questionable thing is the RAM. It is leftover from a Dell Server at work. The server came with this ram but before being installed it was upgraded to 16GB sticks so this RAM has never been used and was going to be binned. The X10SL7-F specs call for 1600 RAM but I am hoping that the 1066 will work albeit with performance drop. If it doesn't work then I will have to fork out for 1600 RAM but hoping not. Can you guys run an eye over the build and see if I have made any glaring mistakes and/or if you think I should change any items. Thanks (and long time lurker)