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  1. FTW ccruzen!!! its extremely fluid!! woot woot!!
  2. thanks for the update! we all have real life duties to fulfill! its all good
  3. ccruzen, how many case fans u have in there?
  4. nice job ccruzen!! maybe shoot another vid so we can proove better to ppl that there's no lag!! it seems this little motherboard rocks!! what other parts u bought for your server? (case, ram, hdd, ect...)
  5. 1. why buy a card if the NIC works? keep the the PCI slot free is u need to add a 2-PORT SATA card later. 2. i dont know sorry. 3. the reason is, i dont trust the Corsair PSU's for many reasons which i wont go through. however, SeaSonic is THE best PSU brand there is. and i dont like to cheap out on my PSU. its an extremely important part of a build which you shouldnt overlook...
  6. perfect ccruzen! the birds video is really a good thing to try! let us know how fluid it is! or even shoot a little a little vid for us to see thx!
  7. nice to hear its all doing great! let us know how the NIC goes overall! any problems feeding 1080P MKV's to your HTPC? all butter smooth? no quirks? which unRAID version your on? any CPU/GPU temps readings after watching a full 1080P movie? thx hi atom, i looked at the Asrock E35LM1 already but, altho the CPU in the ASUS C60M1 isn't the most powerful one on the market, i dont feel safe at all mentally going with a "more" anemic one like the E-240. i know it may work just fine, but, thats me and the ASUS C60M1 is noiseless/fanless
  8. based on a review, the PSU inside the Lian Li PC-Q25 needs to have a max length of 5.5" (140mm). if more then that, it'll knock on the drive cage. hmmm,,, now which PSU... Ok, found one, less Wattage but still plenty for my server --> see first post as i updated it with it!! i also went for 4GB of ram, probably not needed for my situation since i wont sick couch bear but, so be it.
  9. right on ccruzen!! keep us up2date!! thx your right but as i check the dimensions, its almost the very same. and the PC-Q08 has a LED fan in front which i dont like, true that i can change it but, at this point, i think the Q25 is king! oh yeah and, is the PSU OverKill ??
  10. thx for the reply mrow, your right about that Realtek 8111F Lan chipset, i need to use v5 of unRAID for it to work.
  11. Hi guys and thanks for reading! I'm after a small form factor unRAID server that will sit next to my HDTV. because of that, i dont want the chassis to have LEDS in front and stuff... Also, i want at least an unRAID server capable of holding 6 HDD's. i only wanna use my server to feed 1080P movies to my HTPC. i dont need my server to use addons such as sick couch bear... i have a work PC for those.... therefor, i dont need super crazy powerful hardware. so i came up with those parts here,,, [CASE] Lian Li PC-Q25A mini-ITX ($130) [MOBO/APU] ASUS C60M1-I mini-ITX / AMD Fusion C-60 2x1.0Ghz (1.33GHz Turbo) 9W + Radeon HD 6290 ($77) [RAM] Kingston 4GB (1x4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1066MHz CL7 1.5V ($22) [PSU] SeaSonic SSR-360GP 360W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Single +12V Rail ATX12V ($60) TOTAL: $330 shipped So, what do you guys think? Any potential issues if i go with those parts? thanks
  12. HI guys, 2 quick questions. 1. after searching on the subject a little bit, i tend to believe that AMD FM1 APU's work ok with unRAID. Anyone could confirm this? video wise, no issue with drivers or anything? or i have no choice but to use the WebUI from another computer on my network? 2. is using the Realtek 8111E Lan chipset with the latest unRAID v5 beta stable enough? or it should be avoided? thanks you