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  1. Thank you for pointing that out. I investigated the matter and found out that BIOS backup battery was dead, so after each unplugging off the computer, BIOS reverted to defaults including that above mentioned IDE mode. I replaced the battery and it looks OK now.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I used your advice and have changed BIOS settings so now both of those above mentioned SATA ports should be set to AHCI/SATA as you suggested. Also tried to use different SATA port for that particular disk. However, UNRAID shows still the same behavior. The disk can be accessed by SMART check, but otherwise it looks like not to be there at all, it even doesn't show temperature and in list looks like when a disk is put in sleep mode. Sending new diagnostics file reflecting BIOS change. storageserver-diagnostics-20191011-0740.zip
  3. Hello everybody, can please somebody look into this and tell me where is the problem? Issue description: Had been experiencing intermittent problems for a while, when UNRAID started and showed several missing disks. After restart this cleared and was OK again. Then at one point of the time it started to do this error consistently after each start. Did some shuffling of SATA ports and changing of cables and the situation is now that I have missing disk problem with only one disk and always the same disk. Did basic troubleshooting and it looks rather strange to
  4. At the end I found one gigabyte Ethernet NIC from Intel in my collection of old computer garbage so I switched to it and now everything is working OK. Not sure if the problem was HW or SW one, but definitely the root of the problem was internal NIC vs. Unraid. Well, I don't mind using external NIC instead of internal one so the problem is solved.
  5. It is getting more and more confusing. It worked for about a week with Gigabit Ethernet, but then it for whatever reason reverted back to 10 Mbit Ethernet. Tried to force higher speeds using ethtool and mii-tool, but without success. When I try to force anything above 10 Mbit speed the network connection goes down. Tried changing cable, router port, very short cable, nothing helps. Several other computers connecting 1000 Mbit speeds no issues at all. :-(
  6. Hard to say what is causing the problem. It is always difficult to diagnose such recurring intermittent problems. I made no changes, simply put the server back to the server room and during last five reboots there it successfully connected using gigabit Ethernet even though the whole wiring configuration there is exactly the same. Good thing is that instead of having rather vague "Unraid slow" problem, I know now that the problem is in network connectivity. That narrows the problem a lot and enables me to more closely watch this problem in the future. BTW: Length of the cable can't be a p
  7. Did as you said and it looks like everything is just fine. I was confused by the fact there was no way how to get the disk back to work without doing rebuild, which seemed to me like a rather extreme option how to solve trivial intermittent problem. Thought there must be some way how to check the disk against parity to prove its content is OK without rebuild, but apparently not. Thanks D.
  8. This rebuild is full or incremental? I haven't made any writes at all to the affected disk so incremental rebuild should be super fast. If the rebuild will have to be full I would probably take the disk out to get it more thoroughly tested as you mentioned and then put it back as a "new" disk and rebuilt the array. D.
  9. Probably stupid question, but after upgrade to UNRAID 6 I'm getting one disk drive listed as "Faulty" on the dashboard and "Device is disabled, Contents emulated" on the main page. I thought it might be SATA cable (was little wobbly on HDD side) so I replaced the cable with brand new one. However, the error persists. Not sure however if the disk is really faulty as said, because it looks like SMART test returns OK with no errors reported and even check of REISERFS show that the filesystem is indeed there and looks healthy. What is the best approach in this scenario? Thanks D. REIS
  10. I thought as such so I moved my UNRAID server from my server room to a living room and connected it to my home network using the same cable and network socket as HTPC uses and it still does only 10Mbps Ethernet. Plugged to the very same socket with the very same cable, my HTPC does about 70 MBps transfer rates. Strange is that sometimes UNRAID server connects to my network using Giga Ethernet and sometimes doesn't. The only reason I came up so far is failing internal network card. D.
  11. For some time I had problem with extremely slow Unraid, transfer rates were for some time only around 1 MBps. Was not sure what is causing it so decided to upgrade to version 6 to see if the problem will persist. The problem is the same, but the new Unraid interface with more information actually provided an interesting clue. The clue is "eth0 : 10Mb/s - full duplex", which actually corresponds well with experienced transfer rates. This problem appeared after I upgraded to higher subversion of version 5 so it seems to me it might be a driver problem when onboard network card is no longer fully
  12. Tried that. As expected there is nothing really happening on the screen, but my graphic card is burning hot anyway. D.
  13. It seems to me rather strange that it looks like graphic card in UNRAID box is kept very busy. I don't even have attached any monitor to the box, but tried two different graphic cards and both of them are extremely hot when UNRAID is booted. Current one is only passively cooled and it is so hot when the box is running that I can't even keep my hand on its passive cooler. It is extremely low spec 2D card so it should be cold during normal usage, but it seems that something in UNRAID keep her busy. Have no idea what and why. Dusan
  14. I have this issue with UnRaid 5.0.6. When copying on or reading from UnRaid server there are always a few seconds periods when the server is unavailable and freezes. When copying a big file it is not that big issue, but when copying a bunch of smaller files performance is suffering a lot. Also when going through pictures stored on the server there are quite often several second lags between opening each new file. Thought it might be a network issue, but other computers at my home got no such issues and also drop in ping reply time are only when storageserver is under load, when doing nothing I