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  1. Bumping It appears to occur when I write to the cache/SSD, I was copying some files off an external drive to my array and the slowdown/crawl occured. BUT, READING from the drive or writing at a low (under 1mb/s) speed seems to not cause it to occur. Wondering I should format from btrfs to xfs on the cache and see if I get similar results?
  2. Update 2: I just got a "heat warning" for my cache SSD, says its running at 45C. I guess this could be it too? This SSD used to run 5-6 VMs at one point with no problem so I sort of doubt it unless docker/plugins are doing something weird. Edit: Nvm it just went back to 27C
  3. Minor update: Appears to happen with only 1 cache drive (reformatted) as well. I'm noticing that the next drive in sequence never gets spun up even though the current drive is half full (share is set to high water). Maybe this is where it gets hung up? Though I guess if its just writing to itself (the cache drive) until the mover hits, this doesn't seem likely. Attempting to have all drives spinning to see if I can replicate.
  4. Tried it, same result. I'm gonna switch it to just my 256gb SSD instead of the 2 and see what happens
  5. Scrub came back with 0 errors scrub status for df489f54-c8eb-48e1-b5a9-54440fc6fa92 scrub started at Fri Jun 12 18:10:38 2015 and finished after 37 seconds total bytes scrubbed: 31.73GiB with 0 errors
  6. Label: none uuid: 6ab55325-6270-4669-a887-3da715f2bfc1 Total devices 1 FS bytes used 295.03MiB devid 1 size 10.00GiB used 3.04GiB path /dev/loop0 btrfs-progs v4.0.1 seems fine
  7. Disk usage on cache lists about 33% full. Semi-doubt its because disk space but interesting theory.
  8. HDDs are connected through RAID card, probably why? I opened another thread for that, it looks like my second drive in the pool either isn't getting used or is showing wrong size info.
  9. I have an unraid pool of 2 SSDs (btrfs) but it appears to be showing the wrong size, one with a NaN value. Under partition format, the format is "unknown" for the first and "MBR: 4K-aligned" for the second, wonder if this has anything to do with it. Any ideas?
  10. Recently upgraded to rc5, though this issue was present before upgrade. Report attached! edit: Just to clarify, the speed goes from 100+mb/s, to 20kb/s. Which in comparison is less than a snails pace Would love any help to diagnose what could be happening.
  11. Something is happening where if I'm copying a file via ssh, the disk speed will go to a crawl for 5-10 minutes, then speed up again like nothing happened. It also brings down the disk speed of my VMs/docker somehow. If I CTRL-C out of the rsync command I ran, it returns back to normal in a few seconds. I'm literally just bulk copying files around my disk array, and its usually fine, but is there some way I can find out what's behind this AWESOME slowdown that happens?