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  1. The XFS repair worked! Thanks for the help! Where did you find something indicating that disk2 was the issue?
  2. Hello, I am still having the same issues. The Diagnostics file has been attached. konoha-diagnostics-20170811-0732.zip
  3. I recently picked up three WD Red 8TB drives that I wanted to add to my array (I planned to make two of these parity and the other just a normal data drive). I previously had two 4TB drives setup for dual parity, so after preclearing all of the new drives I replaced one of the parity drives with one of the new 8TB drives. Everything was working fine while it rebuilt the parity. After that finished I replaced the other 4TB parity disk with one of the new 8TB drives and added the third 8TB drive as a data disk to the array. When I went to start the array, it was stuck at mounting disks and the W