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  1. ok thanks for the info, it looks like thunderbolt support was added in kernel 3.17 atleast for the cactus ridge controller (which is good for me as it would support the thunderbolt used in most mac's from 2012-2014 and presumably many PC motherboards) so i suppose i should post a request for it then
  2. Hello, I’ve never built a NAS before, but I'm considering it to help me consolidate my data on top of all the personal data I have I run Computer business out of my house and I end up imaging multiple machines a day. I find my gigabit ethernet network slow, I know I could make the transition to 10Gb ethernet and I might have to but considering the cheapest NICs I see on newegg are about $300 each I'd rather not if I can avoid it. For most of my needs e.g. the personal media servers I'm going run etc I don't need faster than gigabit, but at least for my imaging machine for work I want