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  1. Im curious where you got addr=00.0 instead of the first post 00.1, addr=00.0 worked for me
  2. Hi, I haven't tried tinkering with the server yet but I think I got my answer. Thanks to meep for pointing out making the whole usb/pci controller passthrough the VM. Also this: I'll post back if it works for me. Edit: I managed to make USB passthrough work with the above link. Except I used <qemu:arg value='vfio-pci,host=00:1a.0,bus=root.1,addr=00.0'/> address is .0 instead of .1 in the first post. Working fine now except my LAN connection suddenly dropped after a few hours. I had to physically remove and reconnect
  3. Thanks for the reply. My system is a clean install, not much installed aside from the ones on the First Time How-to section. I was going to try out how GPU passthrough is on gaming. My plan is to use steam on it and do remote play. Anyway I attached the system diagnostics. I am trying to install Win 8.1 on the VM but it keeps shutting down and telling me an error on the libusb. I tried different BIOS settings for the USB and attaching it to USB 2 at the motherboard and even tried USB 3, still the same.
  4. Hello, I am having the same error. It happens when I attach a USB device to a VM on the settings page. If I remove the Attached USB to the VM, it goes without error. i attached a log file. Is there a fix for this? workaround or setting in the bios? win_8.txt