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  1. Perfect why didn't I thought of that ? so new config on the parity drives and keep configuration on the cache and data drives. This is my third UnRaid server I own and is build of old parts. Thanks for the advice
  2. Have dual parity drives, however one of them failed. All the drives are 3TB in size including the parity drives but when one failed I replaced it with a 5TB drive and that one failed too. My question is now I have dual parity mismatched one is 3tb and the other is 5tb can I downgrade that 5TB drive that failed back to a 3TB drive?. I know in raid system you can use different sizes of drives but you only going to get the smaller capacity of the drives and since the other parity drive is 3TB I may be assuming that the 5TB is only using 3TB capacity. Thanks in advanced
  3. I believe pass through only applies to Nvidia gpu only if im not mistaken. Some has tried but i think is haswell and broadwell CPUs only.
  4. those dont use RJ45 id say most of unraid users use RJ45 trying to avoid those strange non consumer friendly adapters
  5. Anyone has tried these on UnRaid? I am looking to upgrade the whole network to 10gbe
  6. Got it figure it out, now this is interesting because it was on one thread (cant remember witch one) but you have to modify the network for the docker tab to appear. I set the DNS to google public and some other changes and then I was good to go but no instructions were available on this so it can be very frustrating at first. Thanks and if anyone needs some info ill be glad to help.
  7. Sorry for jumping in here I honestly don't know where to post as a brand new user unraid 6. I'm really impressed with it and very happy so far the set up has been a breeze. However installing the plug ins have been somewhat confusing as all I have seen is outdated information and there's seem to be different ways of installing a plug in. This could be the replacement of having my pc on 24\7 if anyone can point me to a guide or guide me on how to install the plex plugin on my new installation. Seems there's no easy Ala freenas click to install plug in and the url doesn't really work comes with some errors, again sorry for posting this as I am really thrilled with unraid and would like to find this. Many thanks in advance!