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  1. Thanks WeeboTech, I'll fly one across to him once I get chance. gbmac.
  2. Thanks for the reply squid. I figured this would be one of the solutions as it is in many other posts. unfortunately this is not the ideal solution for me, I will have to wait for another solution, or indeed wait for out-of-the-box support from the developers. The killer NIC is becoming more popular due to its "gaming" nature, which seems to be the trend for the foreseeable future. Why MSI had to have both Ports running on the Killer chipset is beyond me.
  3. Hello people, I'm new to unRAID and have very little knowledge of Linux in general. I'm desperate to get my new system up and running, but I am having trouble with my "Killer e2400 NICS". After using a few guides I have determined that they are detected by unRAID but are not being "installed". ethtool eth0 or eth1 returns the error: No such device. I have read on other forums of users being able to build their own kernel with the correct drivers packaged, however this has been achieved with Ubuntu and Debian only it seems. I have looked around through the Unraid wiki on how this may be done, but alas, I have failed to understand whether this is an option for me. My intentions are to use this new system as a replacement for my media server, Windows server and my gaming machine. Need to make use of all these cores and ram! Your help is appreciated, Thanks, gbmac. ADDITION: The Ubunutu solution is here: Killer NIC