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  1. Only if it works.... The average gamer may not want to get down and dirty with XML config and messing around trying to get passthrough working... And then, they find their hardware is incompatible or doesn't play nice, that ends up reflecting badly on Unraid. Me, well I find it kind of enjoyable, but that isn't necessarily true of everyone.. And I sort of get the impression there are some coming into this as a result of these videos who aren't really that interested in a NAS and just want an easy way to get multiple gaming VMs going on their hardware. Agreed. I have used unraid a bit in the past, but with FreeNAS, Open Media Vault, Rockstor, xpenology, etc out there as Free (non paid) Home NAS software, I think they have found the perfect way to stay relevant and profitable in this market. Could you imagine only needing a single server hidden in a closet to power and manage your digital life at home? Streaming games to your TV from it, photos from your phone save to it, run your own home voip service, stream a desktop to your TV or Dumb Terminal (the industry is headed back this way, even at the home), amongst millions of other uses. And the only thing the "regular non-technical" user has to worry about is potentially losing an easily replaceable drive, without data loss. My desktop PC is an overbuilt Intel Haswell-E 6-core processor with 64gb of ddr4 memory, and a GTX980 video card, and over the course of 6 months I never had it using even half of its capabilities, so unraid 6 with a Win 10 VM and GPU passthrough was perfect for my home usage. I had used various flavors of Linux+kvm to accomplish this before, and as an extremely advanced Linux user of 20+ years, I found it cumbersome and and unintuitive for the general user , Unraid 6 brings all of this to the masses, with a decent gui, support, and price. You'll see much much more of this in the coming years.
  2. Sorry all, I have been out of pocket for a bit. Some folks have asked for Prices and such, so I'm going to list ballpark prices for the main items. I'm in Jackson, MS area if you want to estimate shipping. These prices are me going out to ebay, and taking a chunk off of it. Used. I'm also thinking about parting out my Monster gaming rig, and getting a laptop, as I never, ever play PC games. It Contains the following: Corsair Carbide 500R Case (Modified a bit) Included only if someone buys the whole rig Intel Core i7-5930K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.5GHz LGA 2011-v3 - $350 Corsair H100i Closed Loop Water cooler - $50 Corsair AX1200i PSU - $180 32gb 8x4gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666 Memory - $280 Asus STRIX GTX 980 GPU - $350 (Practically brand new) Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 Motherboard - $280 2x PNY 480gb SSD - $40/each (I used in raid 0 for Steam drive) 1x PNY 240gb SSD - $30 (OS Drive) Steam Account with 120 games (mostly new AAA), I'll provide a link to my profile so you can view in steam calc. $500 $1600/$2100w/Steam account Shipped (I really only want to sell whole, unless all parts are accounted for) Everything is less than 6 months old. i7-4790 - $200 shipped i3-4130T - $100 shipped ASRock Rack C2550D4I w/32gb PNY Non-ECC Memory - $200 shipped ASRock Rack E3C224D4I-14S w/Xeon E3-1231v3 and 32gb Kingston ECC Memory (Will also include 2-3 sets of SAS->Sata Breakout Cables 4 drives per). $350 shipped add a Nvidia GTX 760 (Asus Brand, Stock Card) for an extra $50 - Setup has been tested for KVM with Windows 10 and VGA passthrough or Openelec Silverstone SFX 450 Watt PSU - Non-Modular - $40 Modular W/ Flat Cables $65 shipped If someone REALLY wants the rackmount servers - I'll split shipping with you @ $200 each I'll get around to testing and pricing everything else mentioned. I will say that the C2550D4I Makes a great File Serving/Plex/SABNZBD/Torrent server and the E3C224D4I-14S Makes an EXCELLENT Unraid Box with KVM once you add a vid card. I mostly used it as a demo/testbed for high performance virtualized storage arrays for my clients. It will hold 8x SAS/SATA 4x SATA and 2 more SATA on the board. Either way, both boards need a good home ASAP.
  3. Sorry, no 10gb stuff ATM. Now if you needed any Intel Pro 100/1000 PCI (full length) cards, I have a few of those.
  4. Oh Shiz, lemme look that one up, I love that particular one, used it in many many mini-itx gaming rig builds for my family members, last xmas all the gamers or potential gamers in the family got a Silverstone Raven case, i7 4790k, Gigabyte Mini-itx Intel Board, that cooler, Gtx 970, and 500 watt Silverstone SFX psu, along with Razer Mamba Mice, Black Widow Keyboards, and a nice 24" ASUS Monitor. My hands hurt for months, but it was the best money I have ever spent, brought all sides of my family together, from the wealthy to the poor, on Saturday nights, the only thing that matters is who kicks the most ass and talks the most crap, we've all got to know each other more in a single year, than in the 34 years ive been alive. And when the men are away, the wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters play and talk more smack than we do. I got everyone nice Astro A50 wireless headsets this year, and I do mean everyone, along with Steam TV Boxes, so instead of Dirty Santa, everyone is just contributing $50 to the multi-family steam fund. All because of the Noctua NH-L9i 95mm SSO2 CPU Cooler (this bad boy simply screws on with 4 thumbscrews, and looks so pretty.) Noctua, elegant cooling. Family Bonds. HAHA
  5. Sure thing. Here ya go, with a NEWEgg Link. Kingston 8GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Server Memory w/TS Hynix B Model KVR16LE11/8HB
  6. Man, I know this board inside and out. A. It doesn't matter that you have no video on the xeon chip, as the board has an asmedia vga chip. You need to flash the lsi firmware to whatever latest, non-raid. I don't know if I'm confusing this board with the c2550 but one of the two has storage shit in two different places, one on the main settings menu, then a few tabs over there is an Intel North and South Bridge menus, one of them has more storage info. I've also had the "Loading" error, but only after updating FW and Baseband, then not letting it "settle" also, remember that one of the SAS plugs (the one closest to the USB plug inside) is Sata only, along with the two ports on the board. In a previous build I had 8x 4TB Reds in the Sleds on the SAS Ports (SAS works with Sata but not the other way), plus another 4 SSDs in the 2.5 cage, I wasn't using the pci at the moment, so I hung my 450 Sfx sideways with thumbscrews. Lol. But seriously, I raged out and used implements of mass destruction on my first DS380, the SATA plugs and Capacitors will literally fall off that stupid backplane. ONLY use Sata cables that have the "clips" for unplugging them or you are in for a real treat. And I never will figure out why they made that stupid thing with Dual Channel SAS connections on it, as they were very rarely used on anything. If you need help or info, I'm the Asrock Rack Know it All, I love the neat stuff they make, and I tinker way too much.
  7. Sorry, I don't. I always meant to grab a few icy docks or something, kinda pointless when you have like 15 Left Hand Solutions SAN boxes around and decent networking. I do have LOTS of old backplanes though! Mostly from old HP DL320s "sans", IE " Lets throw and awesome backplane and raid card into a box that holds 12 Sas/Sata, but let's only give it a Celeron of Xeons and maximum 8gb ram. Thing came with 12x 750gb 7200 rpm Hitachi's I think. If anyone needs NIB spares of those, I have like 40 of them I was going to try and sell for scrap metal.
  8. Edit: I have just decided to build my best friend a nice Unraid box before I go, and I have all the parts except a UnRaid Pro license, and a couple of video cards. This being an x99 based build, I'm in need of a cheapo PCIe card for the Unraid OS, and something along the lines of a good card for streaming steam games to the Steam TV box I'm giving him for Xmas. So, that said, if it is allowed, I will trade the Asrock Rack C2550D4I w/32gb PNY DDR3 Memory, plus a 450 watt silverstone modular sfx psu with whatever cables you like for an UNRaid Pro License. That's about less than 1/3 or so of the retail cost of the gear which is around the cost I was willing to sell it for as well. If anyone has simple gpu and/or decent current or last gen video card, I'll be more than happy to trade anything in the list. EDIT: Went to the house and found more STUFF! I'm in the process of moving, so I'm staying in a Motel currently. While I await a better camera, I decided to take a few AERIAL shots of the mess. Hope it tides everyone over for a bit. Found a few varied (and expensive) HBAs some in, some out, all very cool. Feel free to ask about anything you see, everything is for sale. I'm in the USA, moving to London, and don't intend to carry my Geek Labs across the sea. Lets start with the fun stuff: 1x ASROCK RACK C2550D4I w/32gb PNY XLR8 non-ecc ram, also includes internal usb dongle/adapter (its a cord with usb plug on it for hiding UNRAID USB). This board has been fun for the past year, it's in good shape, comes with the case shield, memory, and dongle. CPU is on the board. One flaw, a single SATA port has broken plastic, but does not affect operation. NO VT-D ON THIS BOARD - USE for Storage, Plex, DL, etc...Ive used it with UNRAID, FreNAS, and XPENOLOGY, I liked Unraid performance the best. 450W Modular Silverstone SFX PSU available for reasonable additional Fee. REPEAT NO VT-D so NO VM PASSTHROUGH (Showing Broke Plastic on SATA Connector) (Included PNY Mem) Silverstone SFX 450 Watt Modular PSU 1x ASRock Rack she is, the bastard board of the internet, doesn't quite fit SILVERSTONE DL380. 450W SFX PSU (Non-Modular) Available for Additional cost. Choice of CPU, either i7-4790 (Plain, non K, Not unlocked devil's canyon), Xeon E3-1231v3, or a power sipping i3-4130T all have been tested, the i3 is free with the board, unless you buy other CPU Choice. Also includes 32gb (8x4) Kingston PC-12800E ECC Memory, and Slim Noctua Cooler. Will also include 2-3 sets of SATA x4 Breakout cables for the onbard SAS Connectors. Just add drives and GO! I've also tested putting a NVIDIA GTX 780 and 960 GPU into the x8 slot, worked great, and passed thru to KVM fine, used it as my Nvidia Shield Stream Machine with the 970 for a while, oh, and HYPERSPIN. ---BOARD, CPU, Heatsink/Fan, 4x 8gb Mem, and Case Plate Included. THIS THING IS AWESOME! (Included Kingston ECC MEM) (Silverstone 450 Watt Non-Modular PSU) The Xeon E3-1231v3 or i7 4790 will be available after board buyer makes their choice. SPECIAL: First Board bought gets free Abused, but working DS380 case, with upgraded fans, 8x sleds, working backplane, missing dust cover for side fans, and the PCIx Dual slot on the back has been ripped out and no internal 2.5 Drive Holder, unless I locate it. 2x Cisco SG-300 28 Port Managed Gigabit switches. LACP support, updated to latest SW, I have 4, so I'm sacrificing 2, they are beat up and ugly, only one has ears, EVERYTHING including 2xMini-Gbic connectors on each. 1x 2 channel TrendNet TK-207 USB/VGA KVM must be purchased with additional items. 1x OmniView® PRO3 16-Port USB & PS/2 KVM Switch with varying lengths of cables, including some still in pkg if I can locate. 1x Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System it's no MCINTOSH setup, but better than the Klipsch set I had....this one may take 2-3 days to track down the control unit before shipping. 2x Mikrotik RB751U-2HhD Routerboard routers w/built in Wifi, comes as set, one is working fine, the other had OpenWRT installed on it, and needs some TLC to get back up and running. 2x HP DL360 G7 Rackmount servers. These hold 2x Xenon Quad Core 2.66 I think, one has 32gb RDIMM wih all slots full, other has CPU but no mem (I could scrape up 8-16gb), internal USB and SDCARD slots for VMWare install. Both have CDROM and 4x 2.5in SAS Slots (I think I have sleds for both), along with 300gb 15k SAS Drives to fill each, if you really want them. Batteries still good on Raid Controller. Dual PSU, Quad GigE ports on back. I just used them as compute nodes, and once put SSDs in 2 slots and 300gb SAS in other two to test out Nutanix and Nutanix CE clustering....which I love. I have a full mini-rack of these for the lab i'm keeping, but these two were spares. Server on Left is loaded with 32gb Mem (these things require the memory to be a certain type and installed a certain way, or else the darn fans run full speed 24/7!! Server on Right has components exposed simply to show the insides, and the dual 2.66 E5648 Processors). Picture showing server on right, along with both Asrock Boards, XFX Radeon HD 4890. I'll replace these with better pics once my photographer gets here, as some of the HBA Cards are really nice (and expensive when new), everything is for sale, rather cheap. I'll probably add 2x Dell R720 Raid Cards, flashed to IT MODE for JBOD 2 4x connectors for 8 drives each. Also have a few ATTO internal/external and varied other HBA and RAID cards needed to be tested. Make me any offer, I'm not greedy, and only ask that you make fair offers. I would post prices, but ebay seems 10-30% less than retail USED. So shoot for 20%-60%. Depending on how much you take off my hands. Shipping is NOT Free, but I'll cover some depending on the deal. I'll be adding more stuff as I gauge interest, I have an entire Metal Outbuilding as my Lab, and I work from home as a very specialized Virtualization Expert, I work for tons of Enterprise Customers that simply thow away year old badass stuff.' Woops, forgot contact info, either PM Me or email: