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  1. I wanted a little over kill so if I want to add something in a year or so I don't have to upgrade anything. Plus yes I got my parts yesterday. I did watch that video and have a question, I have read a lot of posts on the Unraid forums and it seems like they all say to stay away from USB 3.1 drives and stick with 2.0. The top three he chose as winners were all USB 3.1.
  2. I am upgrading my Unraid server... Long story but it all started because my old USB 512Mb drive is to small to upgrade Unraid to the latest release. Everything is running fine just old hardware that would not work with any of the 2Gb USB drives I tried but the one above. With the new build I plan playing around with Plex some. My question is about the following USB drives that I have all new. They are all USB 2.0 drives, I am using an internal USB cable so physical size don't matter. Which would you pick to use? Sandisk Cruzer Slide 8Gb Sandisk Cruzer Blade
  3. Now this may/will change the recommendations on this. I am looking at adding Plex to my Unraid server, it will be one streaming device 90% of the time.
  4. I just installed a Seasonic power supply this past weekend and really like that it came with individual cable sets that all plug directly into the PS. So I don't need any of those adapters, like you show, my old setup had 2 running for 5 years. I am ordering a second cable for my power supply with 4 more Sata power plugs.
  5. I have had good luck with all of the WD drives that I have purchased over the years. Some blue drives that are 10-12 years old are still working fin in an old PC. I just added a second parity drive 4TB WD Red Plus which is the CMR type, my other 4TB drive should arrive today to replace the old 2TB WD parity drive that has been running since Dec 2015 with no issues. When I built my system in 2015 I installed 5 drives (1 2TB parity, 3 1TB data and a 1TB spare) all WD Red drives that are now called the Red Plus which I just found out last Friday. I just have to decide if I reti
  6. I am a first time poster on this, I have been reading off on since I build my unraid system in Dec 2015. I am installing 2 new WD 4Tb Red drives, 1 for replacing current parity drive and adding a 2nd parity drive. Last weekend I installed everything in a new case and upgraded the power supply. This is used as a back up server only that has been up 24/7 since 2015. When I built this back in 2015 everything was used spare parts except the WD Red drives those were all NEW. My question is should I leave my motherboard, CPU and motherboard alone or upgrade it? I don't had a ton of $ to p