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  1. Hey good news!! I had to shut mine down for a few weeks now. Moving to Texas. I miss it:(
  2. Solved. Looks like my issue was memory related. I reinstalled all my apps and plugins. I received my new memory installed and have not had an issue since powering back on.
  3. Well so far so good. Systems has been stable now for over 48 hrs. I added radarr back Friday morning and still going. I went ahead and enabled my nic bond alb back. I will wait for another 24~48 hrs to add memory back. Or I might just order 2 new 4gb dimms to use. Been wanting to get more memory.
  4. System has been stable for 24hrs. I have added the SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 controller today. The one ssd cache drive is on it. I will be waiting another 24hrs to add back radarr then memory over the weekend. fingers crossed. If that goes well I might convert ssd from xfs to btrfs and add my second ssd back.
  5. Well I updated unraid to 6.5.0 and rebooted but did not start radarr yet or add my memory back. Am waiting to get my new controller card then add that then test for a day or two. If that works start radarr then test, then add memory last.
  6. Sounds like things are looking up. I have most of my plugins and apps reinstalled minus radarr. But I also have not reinstalled some of my memory. I think I will let you take that radarr step first, it always seemed to be a little flakey.
  7. Thanks Trurl, I did not mean for others to post their logs here just that they should make a post.
  8. I did rev back to 6.3 and still had lockups. I am moving more toward hardware related in my case. Maybe memory. I know that it is easy to say that it is the os/app allot of times. And for some it may be. I would say if you can trace back to any change that was made just before the issue. I know I jumped to app at first, then moved to OS. But after pulling out any relatively new hardware then slowly moving forward I am seeing it could be a bad dimm. One that I have had for 3~4 years. So things can go bad. Not saying I have determined it is. I have a lot to add back hardware & apps any could be the culprit. I would say post your diag logs. Let some guys here have a look at them. There are plenty very helpful and knowledgeable members. And if it is an app let the builder know they want to know and will work to fix it. Same for OS.
  9. Hey Pete, So my system has been up for 1 1/2 days. I came home today and shutdown the server to start adding hardware back in one at a time. I had pulled 2x2GB dimms out and my cache, and controller card that it attached to. I have installed the controller card with out cache attached and powered back on. I will add the cache back tomorrow. I will continue to post daily until I determine the cause. Check out a post from WillDouglas. He is having similar issues and has not determined the root cause yet.
  10. Sound like you might have passed the 24hrs mark. Let me know what you find after starting your apps. ? I have now passed the 20hr mark.
  11. So I let the mprime run for 2:30 hrs with no issues cpu should be good. I also have a I3 that I used before getting the E3 and put that in and it froze on that. I then re-flashed the bios to latest and powered back on. Next will be to pull the drives.
  12. Thanks trurl, I found that after the boot. I am running the troubleshoot mode now while doing a mprime large test. Next step is to flash bios again. then pull all drives and cables boot to unraid and let it sit for a while. Have never booted to unraid with no drives but I assume I can.
  13. So I wanted to let you know I have started a mprime Large FFT test to run overnight on my system. I doubt it will go that long since it seems to lock up within a few hours. Let me know if you find the culprit on your system.
  14. Well I spoke to soon. System froze with uptime 03:45:16 I have attached a screen shot. Since it is frozen I can do a diagnostics. I did not have sil card installed so no cache so do docker so no fix common problems with maint mode. I have shut down and pulled 2x2GB dimms out s o running 8GB now. Will see what happens.
  15. Unfortunately no. I have tried running fix common problems in maint mode and looked through the logs with no errors. I have run htop on console with no notable issues. Right now I have pulled the pci sil3132 card out which leave me no cache but it has been up for 3.5 hrs with no issues. I don't have docker running due to this but until I see it go past 24hrs I won't make a call it was that. I did try running with the sil3132 card and cache with no docker and it froze also. My fingers are crossed it is the sil card since I have the AOC-SASLP-MV8 on order now. I will post one way or another if it freezes or works.