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  1. This just happened to me after a reboot on 6.10.0-rc1. Easy to add root=sda in the syslinux.cfg, but saw there was a post on it so just wanted to bring it up as something that's still occurring (though it seems rare).
  2. Thanks for looking. I had already removed the docker that had a custom IP a few weeks ago since I also thought that it might have been a network issue with the PiHole DoT-DoH docker. All the rest of the dockers either use Bridge or Host except one that's going through a bridged docker (VPN). I'm not sure what you're referring to on simplifying the config as much as possible, though. My network settings are pretty standard, the only thing I did that's not default I believe is turned on IPv6.
  3. Same thing on the released 6.9. syslog.txt
  4. Weird. Let’s see if uploading directly from my phone works.
  5. Everything has been running fine until last night around 8:30pm EST when I got what I believe was a kernel panic but I didn't have a monitor hooked up and no logs were saved that I could find. This morning when I woke up my server was again unresponsive so before I hard rebooted it I plugged in a monitor and saw the attached picture. I've also attached the diagnostics.zip if that helps in any way. IMG_4702.HEIC server-diagnostics-20210219-0745.zip
  6. For your concerns: 1. If they’re not accessible from the internet, ie you’re not port forwarding to them and can only connect from inside your network, then that’s what they’re talking about. For your deluge you’ll need to have the torrent port open (pick a random high port and don’t use the default) and don’t port forward the WebUI port. 2. I’m guessing Chrome is telling you ‘Not Secure’ because you’re using an “invalid” certificate and connecting to it via your private IP. As long as you’re connecting to it via the private IP you can safely ignore this message. It will also give this message if you’re connecting from external but you’re using a self-signed cert. 3. Don’t download from public places.
  7. Just wanted to say I’ve been running this for five days and needed it in order to get networking on a new i7-10700K. I’ve been transferring data to it, running dockers, and a VM and haven’t had any issues.
  8. Thanks, it’s been good so far on the beta. The NICs work and I get hardware transcoding and decoding with Plex. Now just the long process of moving data over.
  9. I just ordered all the parts I wanted for a new build and after a lot of research wanted to use Unraid as the OS on it. The main issue is that I can't get an IP on either of the NIC interfaces. I'm attaching the diagnostics log, but I'm guessing it's because I have an i7-10700K and GIGABYTE Z490 Vision D. tower-diagnostics-20200604-2005.zip