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  1. Last question! New Chinese ASM1166 with warranty or Refurbished card with LSI 9211 chipset? Similar price. I willl connect only hard disks for array, not SSDs.
  2. I have found the following options €22 New - China Noname ASM1166 (I don't trust this option) €42 New - France Noname ASM1064 (I don't trust this option) €49 New - Chinese from Amazon ASM1166 Some reviews for working with Unraid €55 Refurbished - Dell H200 €72 Refurbished - Dell H310 €115 New - Amazon LSI LSI00301 8 Port 6Gbps SAS 9207-8i SGL PCI-E Host Bus Adaptor I think the most reliable option is the LSI but the best value for money is the ASM1166 from Amazon.
  3. Thanks for your report! Unfortunately there are no more available from the same seller. I will search for similar items and try my luck! Paypal offers some security and the price is low so it's not a big problem. Thank you anyway!
  4. Can you recommend a specific shop in the EU? (Maybe PM if it is against the rules)
  5. I just need a confirmation before buying a sata card! My motherboard has the following slots. My GPU is on slot number 4 I need at least two more ports for array mechanical disks and the price should be less than €22 to avoid customs charges (extra >€20). I found this card IBM H1110 for €19 https://www.ebay.com/itm/DELL-PERC-H200-H310-LSI-9207-8I-FW-P20-9211-8I-IT-Mode-ZFS-FreeNAS-unRAID/124518659637?hash=item1cfde3f635:g:8lwAAOSwzM5f9-4E Is it going to work? (I know I also need a SFF-to-SATA cable) Any other recommendation for les
  6. One more question regarding the same disk that corrupted data last month. As WD diagnostics test results as good I can not RMA it! Should I trust it to add to array again? I did a few more preclear tests before the 7 cycles below and it appears stable now. I will add shares with data that are not important and i will remove "Write corrections to parity disk:" from parity check scheduler so I can retrieve any corrupted files. Please advise if 1) Would you trust this disk for tv series/movies 2) If disabling "Write corrections to parity disk" will
  7. I applied New Config, set disks 1, 2 and parity correctly, did parity sync and everything is working perfectly again! Thank you for your help!
  8. New 4TB arrived and precleared. Rsync finished to my old parity drive mounted using unassigned. Only 7 important files are corrupted so it's a small problem! I set new 4TB as parity but I can not select the old parity formated as btrfs (same as old) with all my files copied. It says "Too many wrong and/or missing disks!" The old disk2 with the corruptions is still doing preclear to test it more so i can RMA it. I think I need to do "New Config" but I am not sure I am not sure if unraid sees the old disk connected and it's co
  9. I did a parity swap as everything important is backed up and starting copying to the old parity drive using your command. I see that some files show read errors. How will I be able to export failed files in order to retrieve them from my backups? example: Kids/Φύγαμε (2020)/Φύγαμε (2020).mkv rsync: [sender] read errors mapping "/mnt/disk2/Kids/Φύγαμε (2020)/Φύγαμε (2020).mkv": Input/output error (5)
  10. I believe that the disk2 is failing (increasing reallocated sectors) but smart extended and WD diagnostics report it is working properly! I don't know how to check the disk more! Obviously I can't use parity to reconstruct data as the corruptions have been synced to parity as well. Right? This is a previous parity check which corrupted data in parity I think Lastly! I currently use Parity: 3TB Disk1: 3TB Disk2: 3TB (the one with the corruptions) I am expecting a new 4TB to arrive which I wanted to use it as parity but as I
  11. It didn't finish. root@Tower:~# btrfs device stats /mnt/disk2 [/dev/md2].write_io_errs 0 [/dev/md2].read_io_errs 0 [/dev/md2].flush_io_errs 0 [/dev/md2].corruption_errs 27 [/dev/md2].generation_errs 0 Mar 26 12:58:06 Tower kernel: BTRFS info (device md2): scrub: started on devid 1 Mar 26 13:05:55 Tower emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/disk_log sdf Mar 26 13:07:00 Tower root: Fix Common Problems Version 2021.03.24 Mar 26 13:18:53 Tower apcupsd[7377]: Power failure. Mar 26 13:18:55 Tower apcupsd[7377]: Power is back. UPS running on
  12. Thank you very much! I canceled balance and running scrub. I will report back when it finishes.
  13. I am running latest 6.9.1 version. I am stuck with disk2 going into read only. 3TB disk free ~240GB I tried to remove it, format it using unassigned devices and rebuilt it using parity but the problem re-appeared. I have already ordered a new disk and I have asked WD to RMA it, as the Reallocated sector count has increased several times the last month. Currently is 54. Smart test completed without problems and the FreeDos WD diagnostics tools (long run) also shows no problems (which makes more difficult to RMA!). Please suggest how to troubleshoot as I ha
  14. https://help.nextcloud.com/t/nextcloud-17-0-0-on-docker-container-where-is-the-php-ini-file/63413/11
  15. I use this method to edit easily any files which my windows computer has no read/write rights. you set it up once and then it's very fast and easy https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/ftp/connect-ftp-notepad-plus/