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  1. ok thanks for that. I thought the OS would make sure that drive or path would be mounted before the docker started. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Docker application PlexMediaServer has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option So I have a question what does the Slave option do ? I am using an SSD for plex and the slave option doesn't seem to start the drive before the docker ? which I would have thought it would do. So what is that option for ?
  3. The things I like about unraid is how it can replace expensive devices like QNAP with more power !!! One thing I want to see is better error handling for dockers. This has happened to me more than once. If you have say 10 dockers running and you mess one up it takes the entire system out. Orphans all dockers and you have to restore everything!!!! Royal PITA !!!!!
  4. Do you see drive capacity affecting unraid licensing model. 10+ TB drive I know I don't need more than a couple of those.
  5. Hey Everyone, New to unraid and wanted to use some stuff I had around. I needed a new MB and Chip and Memory I have an old Antec 902 case and a corsair 1000 watt HX series laying around (maybe 6 years old) I have 4WD 1Tb drives and a M500 ssd I was going to go AMD but, I found that I could go Intel for cheaper !!! ASRock Z170 Pro4S LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard Mushkin Enhanced Redline 4GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2800 (PC4 22400) x2 Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake Dual-Core 3.3 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80662G4400 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 510 So far so good. Docker working ,plex working on some VM's