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  1. I just ran into this same issue. The fix posted by Frank1940 worked as well. I upgraded not to long ago, haven't logged in for a few weeks and when I did I encountered the exact same login issue as the OP and nothing worked to get in. Ran through Frank1940's fix and everything is as it was. Thanks Frank!
  2. Picked up one of these for $250 on sale, but still great base for under $300. ==> I tossed in 3 3tb WD blues from Frys for $83 ea and an extra 120gb SSD I had. Need to increase the RAM, but otherwise great for home use.
  3. Last night I noticed my CPU utilization was at 98%, which is rare and seems unrelated to what I am presenting here, so I pulled up my logs. It looks like for the past day or so I have the entries below. They started at a low port number and are counting up on every entry. Shutting down my VM's and Containers makes no difference nor does rebooting the whole system. Any ideas out there? Feb 8 07:36:09 unNutmeg avahi-daemon[1615]: Received response from host with invalid source port 4339 on interface 'br0.0' Feb 8 07:36:09 unNutmeg avahi-daemon[1615]: Received response from