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  1. I added a cache disk and told the shares to use the cache disk then restarted the array and launched a windows virtual machine. In the virtual machine I used crystal disk mark to get disk speeds and the first tI me I run the benchmark the cache disk is used increasing the speeds up to 2.5x. But if I run the benchmark again immediately after the first, the speeds go back down to what it was before the cache. I restarted the server, relaunched the vm and had the same results. What is wrong?
  2. I have a supermicro X8DTT-F-SG007 Rev.2 motherboard and I have Dynamix system temperature and Dynamix auto fan control installed. When configureing Dynamix System Temperature I detect two drivers: coretemp and w83795 and when I set my temperature sensors, all of them will set sucessfully accept for the array fan speed which is the w83795. When I try to set the array fan speed and apply changes all of the set temperature sensors will reset and I will not be able to set them again nor rescan them. So I tried running sensors in ssh, and it give me this error: Error: File /etc/sensors.d/sensors.conf, line 6: Undeclared bus id referenced sensors_init: Can't parse bus name here is my sensors.conf: # sensors chip "coretemp-isa-0000" label "temp3" "CPU Temp" chip "coretemp-isa-0000" label "temp2" "MB Temp" chip "w83795adg-i2c-0-2f" label "fan1" "Array Fan" So I removed line 6 and 7 from this file and saved it, and now im able to set the cpu and motherboard temp again without using the array fan speed My other issue is in the auto fan controller where the fans will continuously change speed about every 5 seconds and the fans will not adjust accordingly to the temperatures. I also have two available options for PWM controller and I dont know which one to use. How do I set my low and high temperature threshold? and what does the refresh interval mean?
  3. When I install perl for the system temp for active fan speed control, I need perl, but everytime I restart the server it uninstalls perl. How do I install perl correctly?
  4. Hi, I am a college student studying computer engineering and I would like to use Unraid 6 for educational purposes but due to it being $60.00 for the basic version I am unable to purchase. I am aware of the trial for a month or so but I have already used it up. Are there any student discounts for the basic unraid 6? Thanks
  5. well I tried updating unraid to the new 6.1 update and it told me that I had to restart the system for it to take effect. So I did that and after rebooting I am unable to access the gui interface in the browser, It gives me a blank white page. I restarted it and put it into safe mode, and everything starts working, but it I go back into regular mode it happens again. I am able to ssh into it sucessfully.
  6. Hi, I am wanting to control the systems fan speeds through unriad, How can I do this?
  7. Hey, I need to install something on the unraid server but that requires apt-get or yum. How do I install these? Well I am trying to adjust the fan speeds of the system Thanks
  8. hi, I am wondering if it is possible to setup a scalable cluster with multiple nodes and then use that to install unRaid to take advantage of the clusters full processing power?