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  1. This was exactly what I ended up doing. Came across another thread with the same error when mounting and I think it was you suggesting the same thing in that thread. Worked perfectly and currently rebuilding the parity! Thanks to you both for the help!
  2. Pulled the gpus and reseated the sas card. Am now 2 hours into a read test with no errors so far. I have had the server running for years with no issues before putting the gpus in. But will definitely look into tracking down different HBA too anyway. Then onto hoping I can get the data back from disk 1 if the read test passes I guess?
  3. No overheating with the gpus. Have them passed through to a vm with no issues. I'm wondering if it's a HBA issue caused by the gpus being passed through. Thinking I might pull them out tomorrow when I'm in front of the system. Will the drive become mountable again once I play with the HBA or do I need to do something else?
  4. Recently put 2 gpus into my system, as well as 2 new hard drives. Didn't have any issues until the scheduled parity check started this morning that failed. I proceeded to run a read test which brought up millions of read errors. Pretty much the entire test and the same amount of errors across all the drives. I rebooted the system and ran the test again and it run perfectly fine for a few hours. I decided to run another read test later and halfway through the same thing happened with the errors. Except this time after rebooting disk 1 is now unmountable. Hoping that someone can help m