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  1. That worked - BOTH Methods! The mouse is actually working in midnight commander thru screen now! Thank you very much. Solution 1: (Spectrum) type: screen type: export TERM=xterm then: mc The export command allows mouse support in the putty terminal. Solution 2: (Beckp) Seems to combine this into the screen command, so just start screen by type: screen -T xterm then: mc It is so easy just to do one of the above, I have not tried to integrate it into a .screenrc file either. Thank you both!
  2. Do other people use the mouse with midnight commander (thru a putty terminal) - does mouse support drop out when you run screen, then load midnight commander? (Should have asked this first i guess) I would appreciate any responses confirming/not so I know if it is just my setup or a general issue. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to say the same thing, very fast! I ordered mine after hours on a Friday, and still had the key Saturday!
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------- Solution added to first post - thanks to Beckp & Spectrum --------------------------------------------------------------- Problem: Lack of mouse support in putty using screen (especially usefully for midnight commander) Solution: Instead of invoking screen by just typing: 'screen' use: 'screen -T xterm' Then when you type 'mc' to run midnight commander mouse support works great! Very useful! ---------------------------------------------------------------- When using putty to telnet into my un