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  1. v5 and also v6. I upgrade to v6.1.9 around March of last year and also started using the docker for plex. I uploaded to v6.2.4 only after I started having issues.
  2. Yes that's true, but I've been running plex for many years on 2GB ram without issue.
  3. The server keeps freezing up, so I installed fix common problem in troubleshooting mode. I'm attaching my syslog.txt. Would it also be helpful to view the diagnostic zip files? Looks like there is one generated every hour, but the last one was last night so I'll post that. I can also post the others if that's helpful. syslog.zip tower-diagnostics-20170111-1931.zip
  4. So I was able to recover my files from my old 2TB drive, but unfortunately I'm still running into a problem with my server locking up. For example, as I transfer files to the server, Windows will give me an error "An unexepcted network error occured". If I go to the unraid web interface, it will not be responsive. I had to hard reboot and the server ran fine for a bit, but again locked up after starting the transfer again. I managed to get the diagnostics. Is the problem related to the new hard drive? Any ideas? tower-diagnostics-20170107-0927.zip
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm usually careful about doing stuff with unraid, but I got a little too clicky with my mouse and cost me. I'm pretty sure my old drive is still readable, so I'll try to recover the files from that. Not sure why, but it looks like unraid is doing a parity sync/data rebuild now. It says it will take 15 hours to complete. In the meantime my 4TB drive is showing an orange triangle "device contents emulated". I assume it will stay that way until the check is completed? Also probably not a good idea to try to dump new files to the array until it's completed? As for backups, I do store extra copies of my really important stuff. I can live without most of the content on my unraid server. It's more of a hassle to get everything back (or even know what files I lost!)
  6. I recently had to replace my failing 2TB hard drive with a 4TB hard drive. I had some issues with unraid freezing and shares becoming inaccesible, so I decided to update unraid, and also change the formatting of the new drive from reiserf to xfs. I think I messed up that part, as I didn't back up the data on that drive before switching the file system. After switching the file system, I had to reformat the drive to initialize it. Now the drive is empty and I'm missing the files that we're on it. Question: Did my parity drive get updated after I reformatted? I'm wondering if I can recover the HD contents from the parity drive?
  7. I just tried that and it worked. Then I tried the web gui again and now that works. However, when I try to access some of my shares from my Windows machine, the directory does not load (just shows the progress bar as it's trying to find items in the folder?) Maybe one of my hard drives in dying? How can I tell?
  8. Hey guys, I've been using unraid for a while. Decided to upgrade to v6 a few months back and all went well. Yesterday my unraid server went offline and I don't know why, hoping someone can help me. I can't see the server on my network. I manually copied the diagnostics to my flash drive and attaching it here. My pc is an old AMD 640, Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H, Bios F8. I added a Pcie sata card to accommodate more hard drives. Got it off ebay. I think it is a sis chipset, but will need to do more digging to get actual model. Any help would be appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20160209-2033.zip