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  1. I'm sorry that I am so dense. I'm trying to transition over from the limetech plex to the linuxserver. I see guides everywhere, but I don't know how to create the new docker with the new plex. I am on unraid 6.7.2. Can somebody give me specific instructions? I looked through this thread, but there are so many pages and haven't been able to find specific instructions. Thanks. Nevermind. Figured it out.
  2. sed -i -e "s/print \$8 /print \$9 /" -e "s/sfdisk -R /blockdev --rereadpt /" preclear_disk.sh doesn;t work for me. I keep getting an error on line 1107 /preclear_disk.sh: line 1107: 0+( 2245937793)%() : syntax error: operand expected (error token is ") ") it shows 0% complete but lower down it shows that it was completed successfully. It is a 6 Tb WD red drive. What am I doing wrong?
  3. That is correct tdallen. I will look into that gundamguy. Thanks
  4. I currently have a 1 TB ssd that I split as a cache drive and as the hard drive for my Windows 10 VM. I want to add redundancy so I bought two 256 GB ssds and want to use the 1TB only for windows 10. How do I configure that? If not possible, I will just return the 256 GB drives and continue with my current setup. Thanks.
  5. CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD - PFC Sinewave UPS Systems - Pure Sine Wave | 100% Active PFC Compatible with USB Charging Ports $214.95 - $60 with code EMCEJFG37 = $154.95 Expires 5/18 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16842102134&cm_re=cp1500pfclcd-_-42-102-134-_-Product
  6. Try PCIE 2, 4, 5. I have mine in the middle one of those 3. I don't remember what order they are in. The one of those 3 that is furthest from the CPUs did not allow air flow to my card so I moved it over to the next available of those 3. Then just make sure that you tell it to use PCI Express video card in the BIOS. If you don't do that, it will just display on built in VGA.
  7. I just picked up an EVGA 850W Platinum for $100 (there was a $20 rebate). I think the Seasonic is a good choice - I was looking at the 850W version in the Good Deals forum here and that's how I ended up with the EVGA. I suppose 650W just depends on how many drives you plan to install, how much power they consume and if you're doing any VM's (with GPU)? I've also been looking for cases that support SSI EEB but I'm considering trying to modify the removable MB plate in my current case (Lian Li PC-P80) since I already have 3 in 4 drive cages for a total of 16 drives in the front of the case. I'm pretty confident I can make the board fit but I'm concerned about cooling. Are you just using the copper heatsinks that came with your e5 combo from Natex or are you changing them out for active cooling? If so, what are you looking to get? Hard to tell if two of these would fit but comments seem to suggest they would: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Thermal-Solution-Processors-BXSTS200C/dp/B007HJAM50/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1459026837&sr=1-1&keywords=bxsts200c I used the Intel coolers and they work fine for me. I'm not sure how quiet the other coolers are, but these are really loud at full load. I have yet to make them increase in speed much when I am not running a benchmark or stress test though.
  8. Seems too good to be true, but I found this. Too bad I'm not allowed to spend any more money right now. You do have to pay for shipping, but you are still saving. Especially if you buy a few. https://www.networkwholesale.com/product/western-digital-wd-red-6tb-intelllipower-sata6gbps-64mb-buffer-3-5inch-internal-nas-hard-disk-drive-
  9. I was in a similar boat...opted for the Natex combo. More native Sata III ports on the MB and USB3.0 were the only things I could find were a compromise (not sure if that's the case with the EP2C602 or not). My combo should arrive mid week. No idea what version of bios it will have plus I grabbed two Intel SAS cards that I know I have to flash to IT/IR. If you go the Natex route keep me posted! I am still on the fence -- as nwbee said it is basically like getting the m nearly free. The RAM and CPUs would be $326 so the mb ends up costing $149. The AsRock is $338 so you save $189. That said you give up 2 LANs and you go down from 14 SATA to 6 I don't know if the 2 LANs matter -- I think they do if you want to run pfSense in a VM but I am too new to this to say. I was planning to add pfSense by using some old machines I have so that isn't a big issue either way. The price that you are talking about is for 64gb of ram. This includes 128gb which makes up the other $150. Now you could argue that you don't need that much ram, but it still means that you get technically a free mb.
  10. That's a great deal. The 2 cpus and 128 gb of ram was more than $450 the way I bought them. You are basically getting a free mb.
  11. I gave my Plex docker 10 cores, and 4 of those are shared with Sab, sickrage, CP, headphones. I have had 6 simultaneous transcoding streams running smooth as butter with those cores.... You serving up some Netflix style crowds with that many dedicated cores? The RAM is also substantially overkill, even if you go the VM route with a windows host. I would recommend you go the docker route though. The ram was just a good deal. I want to give most of my cores and ram to the windows VM which I will use for other things. I wanted to give plex the minimum number of cores and ram for 2 streams now and possibly add more if needed. I'm not sure how dockers work and how many cores unraid itself needs. I guess I'll wait until I set up unraid before I ask anything that might be answered once I configure it. I am just waiting on some HD and SSDs. My current setup only has a 1tb ssd with just windows 10 installed. I had to run something while I wait for storage. Thanks.
  12. I have a question about VM's using 2 of these. I want to use unraid as a NAS, plex server and then I just want to run windows 10 like a regular PC. Does plex have to be set up as a separate VM? If not, can I assign 28 threads to Windows machine along with most of the ram (I have 64gb)? How much ram should I leave for unraid? Also, if later I want to let plex do more streams, do I just reconfigure the windows VM with say 24 cores? There is probably a different place to ask this, but I figure that people here might have a little more insight into this issue. Thanks.
  13. Thanks. I was able to get sound from monitor using hdmi. I may still get a sound card, but I'll hold off until I see how well this works.
  14. I have put my system together at home. I have a question about sound. I got the asrock **602**/D16 from newegg and it doesn't have sound output. Can I get sound from video card output or do I need to install a sound card? I have intel coolers on the processors, and they idle quietly. They do sound like several hair dryers when they go full speed, but I'm ok with it.