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  1. OK just found out that I can use UltraVNC Client to unraid server IP with port number this works!
  2. HI guys, I have a big problem with my Linux VM. I have installed Xubuntu 16.10 and was trying to use NoVNC for that. Already the setup was slow and made me crazy. After setup i can´t use NoVNC from Unraid to do anything. I just want to setup ssh server and vnc server to go with real or ultravnc the box. but every mouse move and especially every typing is simple not possible. Have also a W10 vm running with novnc and there is no problem. Maybe somebody know what to do? I have installed XUbuntu from the Vm Template Ubuntu many thanks
  3. HI guys, I hope somebody can help me. I´ve searched already the forum and net but could not find anything that helps. I am running a Windows 10 vm on VNC graphics. There is no dedicated graphics and also not needed. Problem is that I cannot change the resolution from 800x600 to anything else. It is greyed out in Windows. RDP is working fine with any resolution. But if I go with Team Viewer it is connecting to the native desktop and then I see only 800x600 again which is aboluteley not workable. I changed alsready the VNC graphic driver from QXL to cirrus. No change. VMGA is greyed out on the settings so I can´t test that. I also tried to install the QXL driver from virtIO.iso but the driver is not win10 capable. I need this urgently. please help I found the solution Just found out that on fedoraproject is a much newer virtio iso taht contains the qxldod driver. this is w10 ready and works. Resolution is now changable and works great. maybe this helps somebody else as well.
  4. Now I run on 6.20 beta but still same. Even with Windows 10 it is all not working. Also not with different virtIO iso files and different cpu / mem settings. Is there maybe sth which is disturbing unraid from bios settings? Can´t be that a simple vm task is not working on this board.
  5. Good morning guys, I have this board now and eveyrthing looks great until I started to setup Windows VM. I need a W7 machine for just one reason that works only with Windows 7. But until now I could not install it. I have always errors during setup: Windows cannot install required files, Error COde 0x80070570 Bios is new, change memory execution to disabled, cretaed array with & without cache. nothing gives me positive shot. Has somebody VM with Windows (7) running on this board? Rgds