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  1. I'm sorry, I haven't worked on this project for a while. I updated the docs URL for you there. The final intent of pyunraid is to be able to do control anything in Unraid from python, but I'm still not quite there.
  2. Hello Unraiders, I've just a released a beta version of a Python module I've been working on for a while now. It's called pyunraid and allows you to communicate with your Unraid server using python. It supports Python 3.4 and up and is available to install via pip. Documentation can be found here: Pypi page is here: Github is here: I'm not trying to promote myself or anything, I'd just be very happy if some of you would try it out and report any bugs, since I've only b
  3. Yep! That did the trick. Thank you John! I don't think I would have ever found that.
  4. My issue is relatively simple, my plugins page takes a really long time to load. Why could this be? I've attached diagnostics, if that helps.
  5. I've been suffering from slow write speeds even when using a cache drive. For the first 10GB it maxes out the 1G connection, but after that it hovers around 30MB/s. What could be the reason? Also, it feels like the entire Web UI hangs as well as the Docker applications. I also can't attach diagnostics, because everything is frozen.
  6. I am extremely worried about the situation I am in. Within a very short time, I have lost 6 hard drives. Some times they will fail INSTANTLY, like I'll boot the server up, it will say the drive has failed and can't be used. I have tried switching the HBA to no avail. The drives that are only failing, only fail on a certain row of my chassis, which is something along the lines of a Norco RPC-3216. Is it possible that the actual backplane is causing some sort of short circuiting or something that's causing the drives to fail? I've currently lost 3 Seagate Barracudas (bad purchase), two WD Reds a
  7. The problem is that I can't backup the data, because I can't read it. When I try to 'ls' in the directory, it says I/O error. What do I do? And yes, disk 1 and 8 is an ongoing investigation.
  8. I opened up my web UI to find my cache drive spun down, which is weird because it's an SSD. Then I reboot the server, and then it disappeared completely. Then I reseated the SSD and rebooted, and then I could add the SSD back to the cache array. When SSD was dropped the cache array was disabled, because I only have one drive in the cache. Now comes the strange part, when open the appdata share (which was set to 'cache only') using SMB it's empty. But my Docker containers still read the config just fine, so nothing is changed except, what I can see on SMB. Anybody know what's going
  9. For users of my Chronos container, you can ask questions and receive support here. This post is under construction.
  10. Brilliant point. But then, I'm curious; I've had 8 drives connect to main SATA controller for 5 years, and not a single drive has failed. IF these two WD Red drives connected to LSI controller are indeed failing, that would mean a 100% failure rate (I've had 3 Seagate drives completely fail as well) when connected to the LSI controller. Am I the unluckiest server owner or is there something else? That's all I'm trying to find out.
  11. I HIGHLY doubt it's the hard drives failing. One is older than the other, and they both report the same type of UNC error at the EXACT same time. This would point to an error with SAS controller or something else.
  12. Thank you for getting back to me. Both SMART tests passed and both disks also bassed a 24 hour badblocks run on initial install. I'm still 99% certain the problem is the SAS card or cable and NOT the drives.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. Here's the diagnostics. The drives with read errors are Disk 1 (sdc) and Disk 8 (sdb).
  14. Hello everyone, I have a SAS controller card flashed to IT mode, I am not 100% sure which card it is, but it was recommended on the Unraid Wiki, and believe it's an IBM ServeRaid. It's been working great for about two years, but a week ago, the 2 drives that are connected to it are throwing read errors. They are very few, and the array seems to be running just fine. I would like to know, if anyone could suggest what might be wrong, or things I should check. I've already ordered a new card and a new SAS to SATA splitter cable. Could it be a software issue? Could it be a