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  1. I love that I've never lost data from drive loss in my unRaid system (and I've been a user since early 2000s with IDE drives). Thanks for that! I'd love to see the ability to have multiple cache pools and multiple arrays added.
  2. https://access.redhat.com/security/cve/CVE-2015-0240 http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2015-0240
  3. Has anyone installed multiple AOC SAS2LP-MV8 cards in their unRAID machines? I have one, but looking at getting another one for my system to add ports and to replace some older SATA1/2 controllers. I read of other cards/controllers having an issue when two or more cards are installed, but is there a problem with the AOC SAS2LP-MV8?
  4. By top level folders, you mean user shares (if they're being used)? Just want to make sure I did it right (and not wrong as per my problem above). ex. I have 13 drives, and I used "getfattr -d /mnt/disk#/Movies" (where # was 1-12), and they all reported "user.org.netatalk.supports-eas.J0IAGj: Input/output error" and a few "Removing leading '/' from absolute path names" Then I ran "/boot/rmattrs /mnt/disk#/Movies" for each of the drives (since they all reported errors), and not testing again with getfattr -d nothing shows up. Is this the right practice?
  5. Not sure if it's related, but this fix didn't clear up my mover issue: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=23100.10 I did however have a bunch of "user.org.netatalk.supports-eas" messages show up for some shares, and now they don't thanks to this tool.
  6. Not at home now to check, but I'm using a Gigabyte Z68 based motherboard with the SAS2LP and it's working fine. I also have two additional BIOS' come up too (for another SATA card and an Intel NIC). Also, check the firmware on the card you receive. A new firmware came out last month: ftp://ftp.supermicro.com/driver/SAS/Marvell/MV8/SAS2/Firmware/
  7. I'm using a SAS2LP flashed to the current firmware. I'm not having any performance problems, except when the unRAID gui with SimpleFeatures is currently loaded in a browser. If I close the browser window, performance goes back up (80MB/s parity checks, but limited in speed due to two older drives).
  8. I think actually copying the files rather than renaming them may fix the xattrs. This may also do nothing... I'm assuming I use rsync to copy from a share to another? ('TV Shows' to 'TV Shows 2') Then I can delete the 'TV Shows' share, and rename 'TV Shows 2' back to 'TV Shows'? What would the rsync command be? (sorry I'm not familiar with linux)
  9. Would a good next move to try be to make new shares ('TV Shows 2' vs 'TV Shows') and move everything to the new shares? Would I be able to create a new share and just rename the folder within each disk share to the name of the new share?
  10. Thanks, but it didn't work. I'm finding it (xattr error) happens for some shares only: Downloads, TV Shows and Movies. But a new share I created works fine with mover.
  11. It took a while, but I ran it all on my drives (except parity). The output for all the drives were 0 transactions replayed and No corruptions found (I'm assuming that's the main part that's important). Here's the output from my cache drive (all other drives were the same other than the filesystem stats): Do you want to run this program?[N/Yes] (note need to type Yes if you do):Yes ########### reiserfsck --check started at Fri Apr 5 14:42:12 2013 ########### Replaying journal: Done. Reiserfs journal '/dev/sdh1' in blocks [18..8211]: 0 transactions replayed Checking internal tree.. finished Comparing bitmaps..finished Checking Semantic tree: finished No corruptions found There are on the filesystem: Leaves 3809 Internal nodes 26 Directories 62 Other files 173 Data block pointers 3810444 (186274 of them are zero) Safe links 0 ########### reiserfsck finished at Fri Apr 5 14:42:13 2013 ########### root@fileserver:~#
  12. Maybe you can post the steps to the group on one of the other threads so anyone else who wants to do this won't have to PM you. This would be great. Also having the same problem.
  13. Ok so to update this thread, I am now running RC12a and am still having the same problems (I just stopped trying to fix cache/mover functions). I tried adding a new share, and it the mover works fine for that share. I get these errors still for other files going to other pre-existing shares: rsync: get_xattr_names: llistxattr("[b][i]<share name>[/i][/b]",1024) failed: Input/output error (5) I've also run the new permissions script and that didn't help. Any ideas on how to get mover working without crashing?
  14. So far 12a works fine for me (was at rc10 earlier). I am getting the same problems with a SF (1.0.11) window open. My speeds drop from around 65MB/s to 20MB/s within the span of 15 seconds. Then when I close the SF window, the parity check goes back up to 65MB/s in about 30 seconds. My speeds are slow because I'm using two older 500GB Hitachi drives on a PCIe1x Sil3132 (getting a new controller to replace). Once I get past 500GB in the parity check, my speeds climb. I'll check SF again when I'm past 750GB (my third slowest drive).
  15. Yea that's my setup now: Motherboard 2x SATA3: parity and SSD cache (to be installed) Motherboard 4x SATA2: all populated with a variety of 2TB drives Rosewill 4x SATA2: all populated with a variety of 1TB drives Syba 4x SATA3: three populated: 2x 750GB, 1x 500GB Monoprice SIL3132's: each card with 1x 500GB each It's the 500GB drives that are in the sub 100MB/s range... especially the Hitachi drive which only gets 70-80MB/s reads. The next step of capacity expansion will be to swap out the 500GB drives with 2-3TB drives in the future (but I'll do it when I need more space). It's shitty in that if I knew that this was what I would get, I would have gotten the SATA3 SuperMicro PCIe 2.0 8x card for a bit more. Then I wouldn't use the Monoprice cards either.