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  1. Is there a docker container or plug-in to monitor my home internet usage (by user/IP/Mac Address)? i.e. dumeter
  2. /Local-Src: /mnt/disk1/apps/filezilla/SRC /Fetched-Files: /mnt/disk1/apps/filezilla/FETCHD /nobody/.config/filezilla: /mnt/disk1/apps/filezilla/CONFIG I think you're right. "/mnt" makes sense now. I do not know how to point it to another folder outside docker though. I'll read more about it, maybe start the docker newbies post EDIT: after reading the forums it all makes sense now. Here are the tips I got that helped me may help other newbies too. *do not use /mnt/disk1/ as it may lead to issues *add folders (containers) in the plexmediaserver settings, otherwise the app cant access it *use /mnt/user/ (again not /mnt/disk1) Thanks @trurl for your quick responses
  3. Hi, I'm new to unraid and downloaded Filezilla for it. It is working great but I do not know where my downloaded files are getting saved. Please help.