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  1. My problem ended up being that I was using Bridge mode, as soon as I set the container up to use another IP Address everything started to work fine.
  2. I've been trying to get SWAG to work with HomeAssistant for a few days now. Been running into some problems. I've searched the forms and since I'm using the docker containers on unraid, I'm using the subdomain templates, for this I've set it up to read the upstream_app as 'home-assistant' -- this did not solve the problem I can access from inside my network fine but pointing outside of my network it gives me a '502 bad gateway' error. I'm running other docker containers successfully through SWAG, nextcloud, website, and a few other things. Coupl
  3. Checked out the ram, all good there. Ran disk checks on all drives in the system and found some errors on drive #7, which were fixed. Ran two parity checks with zero errors after that. There was apparently a bad shutdown I was unaware of when someone pulled the power from the server.
  4. @Trurl, The specific node has been running for over 2 years on the same hardware without a problem. Scheduled parity Checks every sunday evening. This is the first time it's shown any kind of errors. Any other ideas?
  5. Anyone have any ideas why there are so many sync errors?
  6. Good morning, We had a strange failure on one of our boxes last night and can't pinpoint exactly what is going on. We have an array of 12x 4tb drives of assorted disks, two parity setup. After a reboot of the machine and a scheduled parity check of the system we now have millions of Sync errors. Drives show no sign of failures, no smart problems and nothing but healthy on the dashboard. Attaching the diagnostics for reference. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! sjc-nas-diagnostics-20180706-2131.zip