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  1. That would be awesome, especially if it was possible to mount none array drives from within simple features too
  2. Would it be possible to show processes that are keeping the array from being stopped? Maybe automatically kill them/show them with a kill button? Love what you have done so far! Only just updated from the very first release to rc3, its great to see how far this has come! Thanks
  3. Thanks, what about write permissions? EDIT: scrap that, permissions are set to root on directories I'm trying to work with
  4. How can I give a user I have created permission to view files in /mnt/user? Thanks.
  5. Anyone got Siri Proxy working on unraid? Can anyone write me some instructions? Or even better, an unmenu package? Thanks
  6. Is this possible? I want to run a webserver on my unraid box and I want it to run on port 80 so that I dont have to specify the port on the end of my domain name. And yes, it is picky, it is petty and I am pathetic I've searched the forum a bit but I don't think I'm using the right keywords. I think its something to do with emhttp? Thanks
  7. You could change your desktop to show hidden files and folders? Or you can just type the location manually?
  8. BadCRC means bad SATA cables. Check the wiki:
  9. To move files internally use midnight commander, just type mc from command line. Then navigate to /mnt/disk/diskX Press tab to move to right hand pane. Navigate to /mnt/disk/diskX. Tab back to left pane. Press insert on files you want to move then press the move button (I think its F8 but just look at the bottom of the screen.) Hope that helps.
  10. Just had a brain wave. I wasn't sure which drive I had moved off of the multiplied ones onto the SIL3132 card. Turns out it was chache! That's fine being on the multiplied ports I guess because its not gonna be used during parity syncs. Speeds can still drop to around 20MB/s but I do see 70MB/s at times! Guess the only way fully around it is to buy a new mobo or a SATA card. Do the SuperMicro PCI-E 4x 8 port cards suffer from poor performance or should I get 50MB/s+? Also would a 4x card work ok in a 16x slot? I think I searched before and someone said it should. Anyway big tha
  11. Drive finished building. Switched the parity to one of the red SATA ports and moved one of my drives off of the on board multiplied ones and onto my SIL3132 PCI-E 1x card. Still getting 20MB/s max
  12. Just spoke to my friend with the same setup and he has his parity drive on one of the red ports and gets 70MB/s+ Will move it when drive has finished rebuilding and re-test!
  13. Wow, thanks. Maybe thats why my friend has much better speeds. Ill try put the parity disk onto one of the two red ports (probably the real ones) and then the rest of the drives on the remaining 4 black ports.