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  1. I kept trying each RC until I found a stable one. RC4 had been the most stable with an uptime of about 2 weeks which usually means I am in the clear. I just upgraded to RC5 a couple days ago and that has been solid as well so far.

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  2. I had been running on 6.5.3 for many months without issue and without any sort of zenstates or c-states modifications. I never had any issues with my Ryzen build other than some bad RAM sticks early on.


    I updated to the F23 gigabyte BIOS a few months back but never looked through it until the other day. After disabling global c-states and adjusting the power supply power to "typical", 6.7 rc1 was stable for several days. It only started crashing again once I updated to rc2. I am using FCP to gather logs so when it inevitably crashes in the next 16 hours or so I can hopefully see what's going on. I also see that gigabyte released a F25 BIOS a little while ago but I am hesitant to change to the new BIOS until I figure out why the system is crashing. From what I can see, the biggest change is some tweaks for athalon based systems and an AGESA update from to It also mentions a requirememt to update the chipset driver which I cannot do.


    I know one of you mentioned a mellanox card and having some problems. I am also running a mellanox card but haven't encountered any issues. However, I do not have any VMs running and I am not using the mellanox card for internet, only direct file transfers between my desktop and server. 

  3. Bios was updated to lasted at the beginning of December and i haven't had any issues with it. I am running a zenstates script to fix the turbo boost issue and had previously disabled c-states in bios when i first set the system up. However, I have not checked the c-states since this bios update to see if they have been changed, mainly because everything was stable in 5.6.3 even after the bios update. I will check that now.

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    Are you running a windows 10 VM with GPU Passthrew?  If so, I had this problem going from 5.6.0 to 6.6.0 threw 6.6.6 and it was Windows 10 VM that was at fault.  Here is my bug report and what I did to fix it. 


    I don't run any VM's, this is purely just a media server running Plex and a couple supporting dockers.



  5. My system is hard locking anywhere from 4 hours to ~12 after startup. I am unable to reach it via ssh or a browser so my only recourse is to do a hard restart. I have attached the log files below as well as a screen shot of the dashboard when it locked overnight. I left the dashboard up before i went to bed so i could see what was happening and when everything locked. I came from 6.5.3 and had no issues previously.