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  1. Richard - were you ever able to get your 6800 to work? I believe I'm having the same issue as you.
  2. Got this to install no problem but getting 0.000 MH/s on the output log. Running a Reference 6800 on 20.45. Here's the log; any thoughts? EDIT - tried version 20.20 and onto a different pool and running into this now:
  3. Recently installed a graphics card and the phoenixminer application. Cache became full and is beginning to cause some issues. I think my logs are full. Tried to delete docker but on reboot, it wouldn't recreate and I believe I messed it up. See attached diagnostics.
  4. Rebooted my server and seems like docker service won't start. Prior to restarting, I tried to restart one of my docker apps and it gave me an error. Thoughts?
  5. Did you ever get this solved? I'm having the same issue.
  6. Got it. I tried reading this page ( and it's still unclear to me exactly what is happening. By putting it to 1 and 2, it will just flush more often, correct? I'm assuming this I/O issue usually occurs because my downloaders are often running a lot thus my cache is full of data (but some of it gets stored in RAM?) and once the mover moves, something is happening so it gets bogged? Excuse my ignorance, just trying to put it together.
  7. Thanks for your response. I think your link is dead but I found the page and your comment. I will try and change the values to 5 and 10 acordingly.
  8. Hey guys, I've had some issues where my system starts to lag for long periods of time. I can typically ping my server when it happens and it seems fine but when i try to go to the home page or go to any of the dockers, it's basically unresponsive/very slow. I can eventually get there though so it doesn't seem as if has crashed. I opened up Stats for the last day and clearly something extreme is happening during this time. The issue has resolved itself and Can someone help me diagnose what the issue is?
  9. I got the VPN to work from my work computer into my server and I was able to see the unraid page but access to the internet outside of the vpn didn't work. Is this intentional or is there a setting I need to change locally on my computer?
  10. I didn't have it but downloaded from CA and worked! Thanks!
  11. Not really an openvpn issue but I'm trying to do this step And it's not giving me permission despite the fact that I've changed the shared drive to public. This is an appdata drive that is cache only. I can open the file but can't save a modified version, presumably because of permissions. Any thoughts?
  12. Apologies for the delayed response. I've had the drive for a while. It's definitely the longest standing drive I've ever had. Slow downs don't seem to be happening as much. I believe that TCP port was for my deluge docker which I've recently reinstalled and it's been running a lot smother. The downloads folder is pre (if I'm understanding you correctly). All my downloads from deluge docker go into there based on request from sonarr/cp/radarr, etc. I will look into making it cache only.
  13. Probably not. I was finding once every night wasn't enough at times but I will reduce. Is the mover the cause of my issues?
  14. Hey guys, I've been having this issue for quite some time now. Everything will be running dandy and I'll have deluge open and I'll see down and uploads start to plummet. I go to the home page and the server becomes unresponsive. I'll try to test it to see what's going on by transfering a file via SMB and I'll see the speed run steady at ~100 mb/s and then drop down fast to 0 for a couple seconds and then go straight back up. I've attached my diagnostics. Seems like it may be an issue with my eth0 but not sure. Thanks!
  15. Yes, you have a split level of 1 for many of your shares. This will cause all of the files for that share to be stored on a SINGLE disk unless you manually create a folder with that share name on another disk. Read that section on "Split level" very carefully and use the illustration that is there to help you understand what is happening. I always have to go through it every time I get involved with dealing with it. But I tend to use .iso files for most of my video files which for the most part eliminate the necessity of keeping certain groups of files together on the same disk. I believe I did this intentionally to avoid having too many drives spin up to access files that play after one another. I guess this causes issues as if there's no more space on the assigned drive, it can't allocate future files to that folder (thus drive). Is this correct? Also, is this the cause of my permission issues? That seems to be something completely different, correct? You mentioned using the "Docker Safe New Permissions", are you referring to the function within tools>new permission? Once I run this, I should be free to run unBALANCE. Is the idea behind ssh'ing and running "LS -al" to find the root of the permissions (i.e. what folders/programs are causing this issue)? Thanks for the guidance and clarifications.