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  1. I'm confused about the presence of the 'system' share that is automatically created with unRAID 6.2 beta. I've built a test system with scrapped together parts - my cache array is 3x 32GB ssd's - and the system share reduces the original cache pool size down to 48GB. This is annoying as I don't seem to be able to get rid of this 'system' share - I can't delete it through the webGUI since it isn't empty and when I delete it manually through a telnet session it automatically regenerates. Can anyone help me understand the function of this 'system' share and if it's possible to get rid of it if I don't want it? I'm basically trying unRAID out by setting up 1-2 Windows 10 VM's to see if this could be viable replacement for separate discrete PC's, and I'm following the setup guide from LinusTechTips here: