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  1. Wow! outstanding work sir! you're documentation says i should be getting higher speeds. Even more so interesting!!! also so results with speeds i am seeing with PCIe 2.0 x4. one may be familiar with PCIe bandwith limiting/ when multi cards are installed in a motherboard. Yet my board's documentation states no such limits with multiple cards installed yet with my PCIe 2.0 x8 slots i see YOUR PCIe 2.0 x4 speeds.... i wonder if it's time to slap in a cheap ryzen and ditch the dual socket 1366???
  2. should i consider adding more or upgrading to newer hard drive controllers? is there a newer suggested standard now?
  3. not sure it's benching all drives? EDIT: looks like maybe 3x Dell H310s flashed in IT mode.[SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2] they crammed full up and 2 drives of the main motherboard. maybe i need some new controllers? running some benches
  4. docker service failed to start, trying a reboot. will have to revisit
  5. OH! 🤣 is there a way to see such hardware in unraid? i have some raid/HBA type devices. what ever was recommended on unraid at the time and they were flashed to IT mode with whatever firmware there was at the time. did some reading maybe i should move parity drive off the same controller(s) if possible
  6. looks like around 7 drives is the limit before speeds drop quite bit. 6 or less seems to boost speeds. as Constructor mentioned in another thread, the fewer the drives the faster.
  7. is this normal for the parity on fresh brand new array after it just starts the parity sync?
  8. i am able to ascertain drive some sort of benchmark in this case we can see, PreReads has nearly doubled in speed after moving a drive from a bad cable. I do not do dockers or VMs on unraid so this my only other option.
  9. the other drives are not done "cooking" 🤣
  10. here is the latest drive to fail.
  11. i checked out my server last night. i swapped drives around to see if the problem stayed or moved. it appears so far to have moved. i think i found a bad sata connector. i moved one of the SSDs from this bad connector and speeds seems to have doubled or better. well that might explain yesterdays lack luster performance and weird stats. also not being able to write to it any faster might lso add to that. HOWEVER, even with the poor performance yesterday and error i noticed my parity check/sync time was HALVED! Pre Clears which should NOT be done on SSDs go much faster th
  12. i have smart report. maybe it's loose cable?